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  1. I just want to make a quick comment. I haven't seen an FSX chopper yet that I can fly consistently. This airplane gives me everything I want in a very short take off and landing sight seer. Well done. Glenn
  2. "But not this future" - obvious fact that I missed. The future,especially in technology, never goes as the forecasts expect. Thanks for the reality check. Glenn
  3. Well, interesting. I have re-installed the Discus, then moved the WinchX folder in Effects to another drive. The Discus is fine and I can fly the BM. I know I can use the tow plane for the base glider so I'm happy. The discussion about having too much of a grapics card is interesting and may in fact be a factor. All I know is all is well now - all effects are fine and I can fly the glider and it looks good. I don't have any VC issues there. I'll get the stuff in Symobjects\misc. The screen shots show something much worse than I was seeing. I guess too much graphics could be a factor but I have to wonder about the statements from several places right after FSX came out that it was made for computers expected to be released two years later. We're here. My machine is two and a half years old but it has had memory, sound, and graphics upgrades. In fact, its one its fourth graphics card, not because there was anything really wrong with any of them. I just kept raising the quality. Glenn
  4. James, Thanks for the suggestion. I'll do that. I actually thought about re-installing the Discus then deleting the WinchX folder. The FSX tow plane is as good a way as any to get airborne and get more altitude in the process. Your suggestion has the benefit of giving me the option of using it when I want it. I'll see what happens tonight. Many thanks. Glenn
  5. I have a problem that I've traced to WinchX being installed. I began a Free Flight with a Huey at Rabaul in the Papua New Guinea package. I had not loaded the Discus in that session. I immediately saw that the smoke effects were not loading beyond swirling white squares. Then, I found that the beacon on the chopper was just a flashing black box, then the water at the beach was nothing but white boxes. I took off and flew around for a while to see if the effects would settle down. They never did. I could not find a way to keep WinchX from loaded unless the Discus loaded. I finally uninstalled the Discus and manually removed the WinchX folder from the Modules folder, rebooted, and returned to that location. Everything was back to normal. The PC has an E6400 processor running 4 Gig under Vista 32, on a GTX250 graphics card with 896 meg of video memory. Suggestions? Glenn
  6. It's 1300. Listen close - it gets louder over time. Very cool for a European base. I found the WAV file - can I substitute for something with a Hawaiian theme? Glenn
  7. Kevin, If you have a cold and dark default flight configured for any piston driven airplane with the mixture at idle/cutoff, you have two choices. Either open the mixture in the default airplane before loading the F-16 or use whatever mixture control to set it to full rich in the F-16. You won't see anything happen that but it will open the fuel line. Hope that helps, Glenn
  8. I agree with Snave (partially) and Finn. One thing FS should have is a walk around pe-flight. A couple developers get close with things like opening oil filler doors and cowlings. I guess to get that right, we'll have to wait for FSX+y. Finn, I like those little extra touches. They add some "personality". I like the Bush Hawk - and it's only going to get better. It's fun to get a new airplane and finding the unexpected. Glenn
  9. Ken, Which amphibian? I've flown the Bush Hawk Amphib - no problem there but I guess if you had the weight badly distributed, you could get that. The default Grumman will do that. It has wing tip floats which must be lowered - look for the switch on the panel, overhead I think. Glenn
  10. That's very typical of a "port" of an FS9 aircraft flying in FSX, Accelleration. There is no fix I know of short of getting the "real" FSX version. You don't say what aircraft you have in mind. Your best bet is to contact the developer or check their support forum and see if an FSX version has been or will be released. You will find responses all over the map. Some are so old, or the developer is no longer available, that there never will be a new version unless someone different does it. Some developers released "FSX" versions right after FSX came out, before Acceleration, that really weren't much more than FS9 ports. Acceleration and SP2 created a whole new list of challenges. That presented real problems for them. Some commercial developers are releasing FSX versions that must be purchased as new products, some are providing free upgrades. For developers that are charging for "upgrades", remember, they have families to feed, housing to pay for and so on. Some of those "upgrades" aren't really upgrades - they are whole new products. I have no connection to any product or developer - just a usually happy customer. Glenn
  11. Good Morning Mathijs, I have a new home . This is an incredibly well done package (aren't all of yours?). I noticed scale issue at the first airport I loaded last night. I think it was Tupua. There is some luggage stacked next to a pickup. Whoever brought those bags must be planning to stay a while - they are bigger than the truck. Hmmm, that gives me an idea for some airplanes I might try flying in. Glenn
  12. Sounds like hot starts to me. Be sure you follow the check lists. Specifically with turbo-props, the starters have to get the engines turning at about 12% of N1 before the condition levers are engaged and the fires lit. Glenn
  13. Understood - Issue closed for this aircraft. Glenn
  14. The Aircraft.cfg change looks like it does what I want - not quite perfect but its enough to make me happy. Glenn
  15. Finn, Will do on the PM- On leaving switches on in the simulator: I would get really upset if someone left those switches on the on real airplanes I rent. I learned a long time ago in the service that you fight as you train. So I deliberately leave everything off on my default flight. Hence my pet peeve on the subject. In this case, if the real airplane doesn't have a generator and battery and I simulate getting propped or the crank turned with Ctrl-E, that's OK, I guess. Glenn
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