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  1. Mhmmm okay. But just out of curiousity - why did all other Aerosoft products install fine in the same directory, and all other Configurators that came with the each scenery, have no issues at all. This installation method always worked fine in V4 and V5 with all sceneries, they have always been registered correctly, and I never had issues. Otherwise you‘d see more posts of me in here. Hamburg Pro was the first one to ever show this problem. Just as a side note, I did not edit the installation path, it was suggested by the installer setup itself. If this folder was or is in fact incorrect, it should tell the user during the setup, and not after finalizing the installation. Meanwhile I followed the „advice“ of the configurator and used a different location, where PFPX is installed, and the configurator seems to work now. Thanks for your shared insight, Oliver. Case closed. Dankeschön!
  2. Schönen Nachmittag, Today I have purchased the new Simwings Hamburg Pro scenery on Simmarket. Basically installed it into the same directory as all my previous Aerosoft purchases as seen below: Once the setup is completed, and Configurator launches, I receive following error: Launching the sim it prompts me whether I want to have the scenery enabled. Loaded the scenery and everything looks just fine. And no. I did not follow the suggestion to install it into a different folder (yet). Do not understand why a single scenery suddenly has problems with the product being installed into the Addons folder, when others including Aerosoft/Simwings sceneries installed fine. Anyone else experienced this? Thanks for anyone`s input.
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    How do you normally process your Paypal payment? With credit card, or you upload money to your account?
  4. Downloaded directly at Aerosoft. Quite strange but in the end, all worked fine.
  5. Can confirm. As soon after you launch the installer, P3D starts. I killed it via procexp.exe and continued with the installation. Thereafter I rebooted after the setup finished, installed RAAS, and went to launch P3D. Upon launch, P3D did not ask me whether I wanted to activate the A330 addon. I thought, ugh, why didn`t I keep a copy of the xml file after reading this post? Went on to the Vehicle list, typed Airbus and the A330 showed up with all default liveries. All fine.
  6. Not sure whether this has been fixed already, but http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,22645.0.html
  7. Aircraft was in turn around state, so L1/2 and cargo doors were open. AFAIK Unless you operate the jetways or stairs on your own, GSX vehicles will stay on position. I'll do another A330 flight today, maybe can snap a short video.
  8. Had the same beep while on ground (using turn around state as default), I think as soon as I started the APU, it vanished. However the master caution light did not light up, just the beep was heard. Will test on next flight again, running the latest experimental version.
  9. Just completed a flight from Madrid to San Juan. Simbrief spat out 59.4 tons block fuel, using the Aerosoft Fuel Planner logically gave me different values, but I fueled up with the figures I had received before. In addition, SB gave me an estimate remaining fuel of 9.1 tons upon arrival. With recent wind updates throughout the route, I ended up with 10.3 tons at the gate. So all good on my side, this was actually my first flight with the A330 since I bought it in December.
  10. Looking forward to this one. Thanks for painting it up, Steve.
  11. http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,22645.0.html Maybe helps in case not set up as mentioned...
  12. Isn't retirement fun? Great to see you repaint again, Steve.
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