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  1. Stunning work and shot nice Salzburg - I do have that one - stunning scenery
  2. This one looks great - actually two of them http://www.fsdesignco.tk/?cat=7 ================================================= Holgi Jet blue's - please thank you
  3. Thats some great work for your first paint - well done
  4. "where did this repaint go?? (SN BRUSSELS)" Needs a fix maybe removed until its fixed
  5. Your flag on co-pilot side needs to be mirrored at least from your screenshot - nice job
  6. Awesome paints guys - thank you
  7. "there are a couple of building files you will need to manually deactivate to prevent having buildings duplicating themselves or showing up on the wrong spot" any help on this would be great, looking to buy. Thank you. Rich
  8. Hi Guys: Quick question want to buy US cities Las Vegas just need to know if this will work with fsdt airport and megascenery las vegas if so in what order would I place these in the fsx scenery menu ? thank you. Oh are the night textures in this latest build ? Rich
  9. Hi Guys: Just loaded fscommander 8.1 and when it starts up the beginning screen only has a departure with no destination part of the screen so then I just put in an airport id and it launches the map screen from there I try to go to new to create a flight plan and nothing happens, I did the fsx directory build first, what could be wrong installed 2 times still the same thing can not create a flight plane any help would be appreciated. Regards, Rich
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