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  1. Well, regarding VRAM or simply RAM, there are no overloads at all, I constantly keep these under monitoring. Not saying this isn't the cause, just saying it's not that likely to be the issue. It looks a problem that it's internal to the add-on. But, from what you say, there's no solution, is that it? Or way to minimize its occurrence. Best regards, Tiago
  2. Hello Dave, Yeah, that is what I do to solve it. Save the flight, restart the sim and reload it. By memory, you refer to RAM ... ? Bit confused here, because neither GPU, CPU or RAM are exceeded during flight with my settings. I've also noticed that, by times to times, if I adjust the knobs and do a quick radio frequency swap, the problem doesn't appears. This is: if I keep using these knobs/buttons, the problem doesn't show up. Waiting to hear, best regards, Tiago.
  3. Good evening, I have the A330 Professional installed on P3D v5.2 with HF1. When I'm cruising on long flights, if I don't touch in the knobs of the FLOOD LT, PEDESTAL LT or Radio frequencies swap, theses systems stop working. I've also noticed that, when online, if an ATC station disconnects spontaneously without me swapping the frequency, these three systems also stop working. The only solution is to restart the sim. Current AS 330 version: P3D version: Hoping to hear from you, best regards, Tiago.
  4. Hello, I've the AS Updater, and currently AS A330 prof and AS Geneva prof installed on my sim. For the AS Updater, it only appears the A330 and not the Geneva airport scenery, so I'm not able to update it. How can I solve it? Regards,
  5. Thank you so much! This was very annoying, as I've downloaded and reinstalled and it hadn't been solved for the FSX. Cheers!
  6. Good evening, Today I flew into EDDB on the ILS 25L, and, contrary to what I found in the forum, the ILS for the FSX version is still not updated (at least, it doesn't capture neither the LOC nor G/S). This way, I wanted to know if there's a way to fix it. I read that it is necessary to download again from the order page, but I've done it in December, and the ILS is not working. My version is v1.12, bought here on Aerosoft website. Regards,
  7. Glad I've searched for the status of the airport's up-to-date situation... I was just opening the webpage to buy it, and I'm seriously reconsidering in buying it or not. The disappointment towards Aerosoft is each time bigger... Mathijs, "margins on these products is such that bugs are solved when possible but keeping it up to date over many years would simply mean a price that is seriously more serious" ? That's not a thing you say, it shows how little your company is interested in satisfying the needs of us, the flight simmers, the main source of your revenues. Luckily, other companies will be interested in Brandenburg...
  8. The problem of the MA's airports is the DX10 support. On Customize Settings (if FSX), turn off the option " Preview DX10 ", and save the changes.
  9. Hi Shaun. I know, but I don't see any changes. I'll send you some screenshots later. Thanks, James Street.
  10. Hi Shaun. I know, but I don't see any changes. I'll send you some screenshots later. Thanks, James Street.
  11. Usually I don't fly with AI traffic. Check the Aircraft details on FREE FLIGHT, select an aircraft and delete the flight number that was there and insert another. The only problem I have with MT 2010 is that I install High Resolutions aircrafts, but when I go to fly, it doesn't appear any changes. Greetings, James Street.
  12. Hello to everyone. I installed MT 2010 for FSX, and I installed then, the High Resolution traffic option. When I went to FREE FLIGHT, I observed that the textures continued with low/medium resolution, without any changes. How do I solve it? Greetings, James Street.
  13. Hi guys, I'm having some problems with MA Frankfurt X for FSX. When using default aircrafts from FSX, I press the Autothrottle switch and then the speed selector, the throttle goes to full without doing anything. How can I solve it? Thanks
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