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  1. This problem doesn't exists before, a new bug from
  2. I encounter the problem that the EICAS shows landing checklist after lifted off during my take-off Anyone has the same problem, I have tried to re-install and same problem still exists, it is version
  3. I can't find the print out of ACARS message from my A320 after since it was blocked by the EFB Any solution?
  4. Well noted and appreciate for your reply
  5. Been talking with this topic before and the answer from Aerosoft is that the strobe light will automatically switch on according to Airbus Manual However, I have seen a lot of video from Youtube that many A330 switch on the strobe light when they line up with the runway Is it possible that Aerosoft make it like that instead of lights on after airborne?
  6. I have tried few time, and experience that the Reverse cannot deploy by pressing the "Page down" button from my keyboard after touch down However, it is normal during taxi after vacated the runway, any problems here? It is normal from
  7. Understood for both strobe light and landing light issue and thanks a lot for this positive feedback
  8. Are you asking about the strobe? For strobe, it is not switch on no matter from overhead panel or exterior camera after before take-off checklist. It should switch on during the before take-off checklist, but negative here For landing light, the overhead panel showing switched on but the exterior observation doesn't switch on actually, no landing lights on after descending lower than FL100
  9. My situation now is: The attached files were installed, both checklist and Co-pilot were in use When we descent to FL100, it perform checklist and switch on the landing light by co-pilot So, in the overhead panel: Landing light switch (on) At the exterior camera: Landing light (off) My action: left click the landing light After my action overhead panel: Landing light (on) (remain un-change) Exterior camera: Landing light (on) At 2000ft, Co-pilot perform landing checklist and will say: exterior light "on" Then I check the exterior camera landing light again, the situation as below overhead panel: landing light (on) exterior camera: landing light (off) My action: left click the landing light After my action overhead panel: Landing light (on) (remain un-change) Exterior camera: Landing light (on) Conclusion: I have to manually left click the landing light so that the exterior camera will show the landing light on but it will switch off again at landing checklist after saying exterior light, and I have to left click the landing light again so that it becomes normal Please have a look into this matter Further more, when the A/C line up the runway at takeoff stage, it will not switch on the strobe light automatically.
  10. I found out that may be the reason for the problem When I descent to below FL100, it should switch on the landing light, however, even it voice out said "exterior light on" and I found the switch was in "on" position, but the landing light was not on actually After landed and perform after landing checklist, the system will treat the landing light not "on" actually, so just keep shouting "exterior Light" So I try another time, I try to switch off then on the landing light again when descent to FL100, the light was really on from outside camera, and all problem solved
  11. The copilot was used, after exit runway, it perform after landing checklist. However, when it reach to the exterior light step, the copilot keep asking "exterior light". I try to switch the landing light off myself, but it doesn't work
  12. Yes, replaced the original file from your instruction
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