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  1. No problem with cooperation AES - PT154M as well. Best Gwidon
  2. Oleg1979 wrote : "Add Ons: AES 1.91,AS6.5,UTE v.1.11 (without Industrial/Commercial Landclass),FS Global 2005, GE Pro, FE. " Oleg, just try (at the begining) to deactivate all polygons options in UTE's setup and let me know, how is gonna. Did you use /3Gb Win XP switch ? Best Gwidon
  3. Rwy 33 EDDH isn't equipmend with ILS (according last AIP Germany). Just localizer. Only LLZ-33 and RNAV (GPS) 33 approaches are approved. Best Gwidon
  4. Gwidon

    New feature

    Dre wrote : Well said ! Nothing more, nothing less. :wink: Best Gwidon
  5. Oliver, just three words : YOU ARE THE GIANT !!! and George too :wink: Thank you very, very much for next AES's story. Regards Gwidon PS.Rafal, czyz, nie sa geniealni ??? :wink:
  6. Olie, now is OK. Thank you very much my friend - I've sent you priv. :wink: Regards Gwidon PS. Just for my friend VORJAB : Wszystko bedzie dobrze Oliwer naprawil;. Pozdrawiam cieplo :wink: [All well be good, Oliver found a solution. Warm greetings].
  7. Copied Sir, I'm standing by. Gwidon
  8. Sorry Oliver, that's not enought for me. Look at my attached orders history (above in first post). I trieds to input last (order12657) serial number but received the same communicate like always after I've installed 1.21 - "No valid serialnumber. Please check entered number with the new number at you Online-Shop-Account." If you want I can send you all my serial number ...but I have to admitt - I'm not very happy first time buying in Aerosoft ! Regards Gwidon aka Grzegorz Gierczak
  9. Dear friends, I've installed last (1.21) version and detected the same problem... I bought addtional credit pack but nothing was changed. I've got all credit pack and all my airports (excepting free) are in DEMO mode. The communicate is the same like above. Please help me ;-))) Best Gwidon PS. Below is screen from my shop's account : I see I'm next victim... :twisted:
  10. Jay, after you reigister your product on aerosoft (wherever you bought on simmarket or aerosoft) - using your simmarket's key - you will be able to download last patch from aerosoft's site. Regards Gwidon
  11. Jeroen wrote : Fully agree. Good point Jeroen - FS9 is good and stable platform and I guess planty of possibilites to this timie not taken. Regards Gwidon PS . Of course big, warm thanks for awesome AES. Brillant add-on !
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