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  1. Magnus


    Ja, man vill ju alltid kolla varför så att det inte händer igen. Jag bor i Borås, eller egentligen utanför men närmaste stad. Kika på sidan www.skye.dk
  2. Magnus


    aha, så bra.. Du kan ju ha lagt in spelet under ett annat konto och sen därefter skapat dig som Admin.. Hade inte hört talas om det innan men mitt funkar ju
  3. Magnus


    Du kan ju klicka på namnlisten i utforskaren, så vänder du allt men det spelar ingen roll hur dom ligger, bara dom är där. Det är bara i scenery.cfg du måste ha viss ordning för prioriteringens skull. Originalfilerna som jag kallade om är själva sceneryt för EDDF. Tror FS/Aerosoft/EDDF är standard och i scenery katalogen ligger själva bgl.filerna
  4. Magnus


    Kolla oxå så att du inte har .bgl filer i dubbelversion, D:FS2004AerosoftAESAIRPORTEDDF_2005 där finns dom och titta om du har samma datum på de filerna som ligger i din scenery katalog, kopiera över den nya i så fall eddf_fs9_gmax_objects_LIB-AES.bgl
  5. Magnus


    Tjena Björn, Skulle i ditt fall ta bort hela AES installationen och installera 1.50 versionen. Det har blivit nåt knas när den ska skriva in var AES finns i Scenery.cfg och därav felmeddelanden när du startar upp för den hittar inte filerna, tror det löser sig av sig själv
  6. Magnus


    Bjorn, are you swedish? in that case, I can help you in our mother tounge, just add me or Pm me..
  7. Have it been better. Haven't tried yet due to I need to do a 6 hrs flight
  8. That's my impression aswell. Not much for download, should be simflyers. Keyno, you should make a pressure to fly tampa or another scenery developer for the US to make more scenerys This is just AES, an utility
  9. Understand that it is a problem to raise value of an airport after release, maybe it is possible to have some movement for the Dubai Cargo Area aswell, then it's definatly will be worth the credit, maybe 5 too
  10. In my personal opinion I don't see why Dubai (OMDB) should be worth 4 credits when Vienna and Munich only costs 3 and are more used and detailed. Is for the third over the wing jetway?
  11. Hi Shaun, Yes, I struggeled alot before the update from UT came out for the memory leak, so that part is already fixed. I have downloaded everything found to get EDDF to work, but always when having longer flights than 2 hrs into Frankfurt it's CTD on Final on 25 R, 500 ft from touch down. Dunno whats causing the trouble but something in MAF. I rather think it's the highway traffic and have disabled that now for test another flight
  12. Hello Oliver, Thanx for the heads up. Have missed the 1.10 update in the beginning and actually I searched this forum on every post containing Terminal 2, just found the german answers :oops: Think it was many updates in the beginning of AES and that made files go everywhere and overwrite etc etc. Best thing is to delete the AES directory and have a clean install of 1.3 then you know what files to use. Now it's working, except for the Ai traffic keeps going, even if I pushback or crossing their way. Dunno if this is related to the AESLite files and wondering if they are nescessary in the Scenery folder EDDF_BAB.bgl EDDF_DYN.BGL GAPGOBJ1.bgl GAP_DYN_OBJ.BGL A video that shows the problem, 03:25 minutes in to the movie View Video
  13. Dunno if the UT should have priority 1 and Eddf should be priority 2 My UT was the fist addon installed and is priored next to the default scenery. EDDF is way up higher
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