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  1. Nice feature! Can we stick the paper wherever we want in the cockpit?
  2. Superbus21

    Brussels International preview

    Isn't this already the second change of the development team? Hopefully it won't last as long as the CRJ
  3. Superbus21

    Junkers Ju52/3M

    That's a very nice model! But what can we expect from the systems? Are they going to be very detailed like the lovely Twotter or is this more a "medium" aircraft?
  4. Flying my TurbineDuke from Memmingen into the beautiful Saanen airport in Switzerland. It was a nice and uneventful flight. Have to repeat that!
  5. When the sun is turning the flight deck into a room full of warm colours...These moments are just magical. (Please click on the picture to enlarge it)
  6. It works indeed. But you can't get the ATIS of every ATC, EDWW_W_CTR for example does not work as it does Not fit into the scheme "XXXX / YYY". XXXX has to be replaced by an ICAO Code and YYY by "TWR", "GND" or "APP".
  7. The FSLabs Airbus does model this. You can enter for example "EDDF / TWR" and you will receive the ATIS of Frankfurt Tower (only tested it on IVAO).
  8. Do you also need the FSX for testing or why do you have it installed?
  9. Is there maybe a possibility to get rid of Port forwarding and VPNs (like Hamachi) since it causes so many problems? It would be very helpful as nothing is more disturbing than planning a flight with someone and then not being able to fly it due to connection errors. But nevertheless, your A330 is going to be one of my favourite widebodys!
  10. Thanks a lot Dave, that would be great!
  11. One great feature would be a possibility to reconnect both aircraft after the internetconnection was disturbed during a Shared Cockpit flight.
  12. Because some guys would loose their work.
  13. Thanks for the new pics, the look stunning. But are you allowed to use the Academic license for commercial reasons? I always thought you need another type of license, good to know.
  14. Maybe: "The modern art of flying - Fly-by-wire" And just because it sounds so good: "The beauty of Boeing".