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  1. after checking everything, i have found when i load the saved flight plan from simbrief into mcdu is when i have the erratic behavior. when i do not load a flight plan or type flight plan in manually i have no issues in any of the buses 318/319/320/321. just wanted to give some it of help for this topic. p3d v5.3 edit: i also deleted all saved flight plans in p3d and in the flight plan folder of the airbuses. im going to check again to make sure 1 of the flight plans wasnt corrupted edit: just loaded flight plan from simbrief into mcdu a320 no issues climb to cruise no erratic freezing. im chalking my issue up to corrupted flight plans saved in p3d and possible flight plan folder of airbuses in the document section. all working for me.
  2. yup this absolutely fixes the stutters when on the ground turning. but all displays are not lined up correctly. would be nice if they could adjust this.
  3. on final approach you can see where wants to keep turning off course once it capture. there are a few other flights where is the same on my channel. also on my previous p3d v5.2 flights you can see the difference
  4. CRJ PRO will not fly ils since updating to P3D 5.3. all crj variants i get the same thing when flying the ils, will capture loc and glide path but will start turning off course while on the auto pilot
    reflections looks better than most of the liveries for p3dv5.2 only thing is the connected flight deck does not connect with this livery
  5. should CFD for airbus fam pro be working in p3d 5.2?
  6. oh ok, hopefully that can happen soon! cant wait to have the connected flight deck in the crj. again loving this feature in the airbus family, sets you guys apart and gives us exactly whats need in the flight deck. i havent seen a single regional or major airliner with one pilot flying the aircraft lol.
  7. thats fantastic i will try out later today. and to clarify, you uninstalled and re downloaded installer and installed again for p3d v5? thanks for the update
  8. Any chance of adding the connected flight deck feature to the crj? I would be very happy if that’s possible!
  9. sorry to ask a simple question, but you tested taxi- around with displays and efb on without any stutter?
  10. Unfortunately you may be right. I just dont understand how hard it is to just fix the refresh of the displays in which would fix the stutters on the ground. As im typing this, i just realized i Own the crj x version and it works fine in p3d minus som dynamic lighting and pbr. I might be able to swap panel files to fix my issue. I will experiment and check back. Should at least work for the 700/900
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