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  1. Dear Oliver Thank you! I did not realise all I had to do was reselect them. Very best wishes and Happy New Year!! Nige
  2. I'm having to re-install FS9 following a hard drive problem but when I re-installed AES I have lost all my activated airports and credits (60 credits purchased ). Is there any way of re-activating my credit keys so I can get back to where I was? Hoping someone can help!! Best wishes and Happy New Year Nige
  3. Same for me as well. The only other thing I discovered is that with the trees enabled but weather set to snow and winter selected there was no flashing. I guess because the winter trees are different? Best wishes nige
  4. Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 5:18 pm Post subject: Dortmund Scenery flashing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have exactly the same problem with flashing scenery but only at Dortmund. The trees close into the terminal areas and buildings / trees on the far side of the airfield flash every 1/2 a second or so, regardless of weather/scenery or aircraft settings. I tried to get a screenie for you but wasn't quick enough!! Any ideas gratefully received on how to fix it. I haven't tried it in FSX yet, only FS9.1 Best wishes Nig
  5. Thanks chaps for a great scenery! I finally have a Heathrow that runs as smooth as silk with lots of ai. Many thanks Nige
  6. Thanks Oliver and Aerosoft, a great add-on! Best wishes Nige Edwards
  7. Bremen Bremen Bremen Hoorah! Thanks chaps Best wishes Nige
  8. Dear Oliver, It works!! Many thanks for your help. Best wishes Nige PS Just wanted to say how much I loved your Bremen scenery.
  9. Dear Oliver, thanks for your help and I'll give it a try . Best wishes Nige
  10. Dear Oliver, AESlite for EDDV is at the top of the list, but still no luck. I've followed all the advice in the above posts but still no AES at EDDV. EDDN still works fine! Any ideas? best wishes Nige
  11. Hello, I have the same problem at EDDV, it's installed, the correct file is in the correct place as indicated above, the scenery is activated in FS2004 but no AES screen appears and AES does not function. Nurnberg works perfectly! I tried running the installer again but no luck. Any ideas? Best wishes Nige
  12. Hello, I got the 146 from Simmarket. I even tried re-downloading it again this morning but no luck I'm afraid. Best wishes Nige
  13. should have said, registry is good, have many other aerosft producvts installed such as freight dogs, Beaver etc. Nige
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