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  1. Absolutely WOW The FS2004 version is fantastic, totally smooth, no shimmers, fast loading, no impact on FPS. For info I have a core i5 750 @2.67ghz and a GTX275 locked at 60 FPS because for some reason this is the only setting that works on my system. This scenery doesn't move off 60 fps and everything is like silk. Very happy with this purchase. Regards James
  2. Thanks for the warnings, I was tempted, particularly for Antalya, but having been badly bitten with Amsterdam and Orly, both of which are unusable on my system, I will not be buying any further Aerosoft scenery products unless they have been developed by Simwings or GAP team. Trouble is, once they've got your money they've got it and in the absence of any try before you buy option, the only thing to do is wait for feedback from other users. It is a shame that anyone has to spend the money before they find out the product is bad, but I've done it twice to the tune of almost €50, and I won't be doing it again. Regards James
  3. Hi All I also had CTD problems immediately when loading the scenery, but only if the flight is started in the morning. If it was an afternoon flight there were no problems. So I checked my World of AI aircraft. I have the latest Spanair package and one of the textures for an A320 was in 32 bits. I converted this to DXT3 and then started the flight again at exactly the same time, and now there is no CTD. So I would advise anyone who has WOAI packages to check that there are no 32bit textures. This may not be the reason for other peoples CTDs, but the solution worked for me. Best regards James
  4. Hi Shaun After a great deal of testing, I have found that this happens every day between 13:30 and 14:15 approx time. Listening to ATC, there is a cessna caravan that is given clearance to land from many many many miles away and of course every other aircraft is told to go around because the cessna has clearance, and similarly no takeoffs are granted. The cessna never arrives, and eventually you are just given your TO clearance and everything goes back to normal. I guess I have never noticed before as I have recently increased my AI to 50% and maybe with less, that cessna flight was not in the system. One pesky little cessna holding up the whole of Frankfurt..!! Regards James
  5. Hello I use EDDF2008 for fs9 and have done so for a very long time. Today I've noticed for the first time that no AI land or takeoff from 7R/25L. Any aircraft trying to land just go around and any aircraft waiting to takeoff vanish after 10 minutes or so. As I say, I've never been aware of this before and I'm sure AI used to work properly on both main runways. I've tried all the AFCADS in the EDDF traffic configuration tool and it is all the same result. To test I have sat and watched the traffic for an hour or so, and nothing wants to happen on 7R/25L. I can confirm that I don't have any other AFCADS for EDDF, and I don't use addon traffic that adds their own afcads, only world of AI packages. Any ideas would be welcomed. Regards James
  6. Works for me too, thanks for the quick solution. Now Ibiza is perfect. Best regards James
  7. Hi I thought something had gone wrong with my aircraft sounds when I noticed that ground roll sounds do not play at Ibiza X (fs9). If I change location say to Mallorca or any other airport, the ground roll sounds can be heard as normal from inside the cockpit. At Ibiza, there is silence.. Aircraft touchdown sounds play as normal though. I have tried the default Cessna and a variety of other aircraft, all with the same effect. I have also tried starting at another location where ground roll sounds work, and then changing to Ibiza and the result is the same, no ground roll. I've noticed that sometimes when you taxi on grass the ground roll sounds don't play, but in Ibiza it is the runway and taxiways and apron. This is a fairly minor issue in what is otherwize a fantastic scenery, but I wondered if anyone has any ideas, or if they experience the same thing. I use FSG mesh and UT Europe, and these were declared correctly in the installation. Regards James
  8. Hello Shaun Thanks very much for finding out this infomation, I will look forward to it. Regards James
  9. Hi Shaun On my system, it is the edges of the taxiways where they meet the grass textures, for example if you are at the end of the runway and begin to move forward, you can see the effect of the sides of the taxiways leading off look as though they are constantly being re-drawn. I also agree that I see the same effect in the grass/fielded area that you mention. I did some further testing by comparing with Hannover, Munster and Dortmunt, and they all have a similar effect with the taxiways and edges of the scenery, but I feel it is more noticable in Bremen. I have to say that before I had nhancer, the effect was terrible, nhancer has made it very much better on all these sceneries. May I ask one other thing? I am thinking of buying the Bremen city pack to go with the new airport, but I would like to know, is Bremen city compatible with UT Europe? I have looked on the UT patch site and there is no patch for Bremen city. I don't know if the installer checks if you have UT installed. Kind regards James
  10. Hi Shaun After installing the update to 1.50 for fs9, now there is no animated vehicle traffic at all, is this correct? regards James
  11. Hi Shaun I have nvidia 8800GTX and I use nhancer. Also for info, windows XP and quad core intel 2.44ghz processor and 4gb RAM, more than FS can use I know.LOL Thanks James
  12. Hi The new Bremen scenery is excellent, however, I see that it is very shimmery when you are moving around. MAF2005 was the same, but the new version MAF2008 is as smooth as silk, not so much as a flicker. Leipzig is also completely smooth. I noticed aslo that the new Hamburg has some shimmer, but in Bremen it is really noticable. It is almost as if many of the textures don't have mip maps? I have tried setting the mip map quality in FS9 to 7 as reccommeded in the manual, but this makes it worse, so I leave it on 4. I wonder why Frankfurt and Leipzig are so smooth, with no shimmer effect, and Hamburg & Bremen are not? I have not altered my AA or Ansio settings because I don't have issues anywhere else in the FS world as long as textures have mip maps.. Would it be possible to provide a set of mip mapped textures for any of us who have shimmering effect? Best regards James
  13. I can't speak for FSX as I don't use it, but for FS9 it should be fantastic. I have a similar rig and from my experience there are a few points that will help you get the best from FS9. 1. FS9 was only ever designed for 1 core, therefore, I always set the afinity to just 1 core, usually #3. It makes a huge difference to performance as by doing this, FS9 isn't struggling to sort its self out between 2 or more cores. Textures load lightning fast when changing views and everything just runs so much better. 2. Download nhancer and use the FS9 profile that you can find in the profiles forum on the nhancer website. That profile gives amazing results on my system, no bluries, crisp display, no shimmering, everything looks smooth and beautiful as it should.
  14. Speedbird 001, please acknowledge,.......please....
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