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  1. OK thank you Mathijs! But I am a bit surprised because I've also seen an ECAM panel being opened here: And I can't open any other window than FMCs and PFD. Any idea?
  2. Hi team, For whatever reason I can't open any panel in 3D cockpit except the PFD. ND and ECAMs don't pop-up. Thanks in advance for our help!
  3. Well, Mathijs I believe a GTX 1080 Ti with 11 Gb memory is still decent, right? And 128 Gigs RAM coupled with a watercooled i9 shouldn't be an issue? No, seriously, everything have been said and I regret the money I've spent on this addon for P3D, and much more now that I have paid for a useless upgrade. The lack of compatibility for a so called "V4.xx" version, the very poor improvements and the lack of documentation for such an expensive and old product are sincerely surprising me from Aerosoft.
  4. Hi there, Same problem here since I've purchased Switzerland Pro X. I thought upgrading to the new Switzerland professional (P3D V4) will solve the stutters but unfortunately it does not. Lot of $ spent for nothing actually, as this addon is barely flyable with P3D, when it was perfectly flawless for FSX. Even with the default ugly settings and a GTX1080 the sim pauses for long seconds. Removing the light BGL does help a bit actually, thanks for the tip Chris, but not completely (less but still stutters) and it means no night lighting which is barely acceptable for a scenery of this price. Why paying for a special P3D V4 upgrade when the product is not compatible?
  5. Ulf, nice seeing you here :--) I hope everything is ok for you.
  6. Jeroen, Your enthusiasm is probably the best present devs can expect after spending so many hours working hard to deliver this beauty :--) I am as well a very happy camper! The BusX is really a quantum leap in our fantastic FS world.
  7. I quite rarely comment on aircrafts but I have to say that I am very much impressed by the BusX so far. It's not a real "A320 simulator" as for today (and not the same price) but I am not sure FSX allows really much more then what we get here with Aerosoft's product. Of course you won't find FBW behavior like the real thing but the immersion is total and the bird's system very well implemented within FSX limitations. The VC is the best I've seen in FS. Knowing quite well the real cockpit I must say that when I first launched the Bus I was amazed by the quality of the textures. The external view shows one of the most sophisticated (if not the best) virtual copy of a real jet in FS with an incredible amount of details. Flying the BusX reveals some weaknesses, especially alpha protection wise. The thrust needed on TO is not really accurate but I assume there will be some tweaks to do. This "basic" version is already a serious piece of software for hard simmers if they want to have fun simulating pre-flight to TO and Cruise sequences. I have noticed few discrepancies with the FMS (which is quite well simulated BTW) and with the A/THR on descent but the overall flying experience is one of the best I've seen for PC based simulators. The documentation is clear and complete, there is a lot of new features (panel state on an MCDU page, nice!), a fantastic optimization of the fps impact and one can easily understand the amount of work involved in such a project. IMO when some small bugs will be fixed AirbusX will be a winner! Great job.
  8. Thanks a lot David, it works like a charm! ;-)
  9. Yes. I've deleted this thread because writing a review for a product which is not yet on the market and using a beta version doesn't make sense to me.
  10. My pleasure Mathijs. Feel free to add it to your french website if you think it will be helpful.
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