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  1. Hi Pavel, A very small request if possible with regards to the Bus and Yellow Taxi, their routes seem to not meet end to end. They Appear and disappear, but right in front of everyone. In this example the Bus just appears and it just seems strange when parked at gate 11 and you see this 'black bus appear in front of you!. The bus drives along in front of the terminal, stops turns, waits then just 'pow' disappears. If it could route behind the terminal and then disappears, that would be better, as no one would see it. As I've said a very very minor issue. Also could you add Airline parking codes to the gates if possible Many thanks
  2. Cool Pavel, no problems at all Thanks for the quick reply
  3. Hi Pavel Just got this, not sure why it looks like snow at the aiport in spring? Have I missed something? P3D V5
  4. Hi All I believe AeroSoft were contact by the MaddogX development team to see if these changes could be made to allow DME-ARC support and up to now there has been no reply to this request. Navigraph were contacted at the same time and made the changes to their AIRAC data. Could someone from AEROSOFT make contact with the MaddogX team to see what is involved or if it is not possible for you to achieve Many thanks Clive
  5. thanks ...updates works perfectly great work
  6. What should the 'Flight Aware Random' output be? Thanks
  7. Fantastic. The SimStarter import works great...thanks
  8. When you export to PFPX AND you already have a schedule loaded in PFPX, the export will overwrite the current schedule. It would be good if the PFPX schedule could be renamed
  9. Emanuel, Update on my issue, an uninstall and reinstall fixed it here; so all good to go now Strange one to be honest
  10. Hi All My 3rd CDU is just 'blank', like no power to it
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