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  1. its the old ipad operating system it doesnt support the connection to the Airbus FMC
  2. fixed it was my browser that had gone into displaying in Night mode
  3. Hi Did a flight yesterday with A320 CFM and it was a great flight EGBB to ESSA , only problem was the ipad fmc had a reverse of colours, writing black on white regards Derek
  4. I found it does in A320 CFM today regards Derek
  5. Same problem here, so glad to here you are looking into this. regards Derek
  6. same here and the PC keyboard when green light on bexel is on doesnt work. plus the manuals qoute A330 on EFB section, you can tell thats where it came from. I think we are some coding missing for those of us with just the A318-A321
  7. I do follow the verbal checklist sequence and Nav lights switch does take a few clicks before it moves and then when it does there is a long gap in the verbal checklist before cabin signs is called for.
  8. Yes thats how mine behaves , the swiitch moves after a few attempts and I move it to posotion 1 the middle, then checklist pauses and continues on to cabin signs as yours.
  9. It doesnt work for me and I have heard from other members of my VA that its because RASS is lookigng for Microsoft OFFICE 64 byte version and if you dont have that on your PC then the problem exists. I dont have it on my Flying PC as its just for flying. Your thoughts are my other member right? regards Derek
  10. Could you not make it read the Navigraph file or at least up the Navdata file when you release updates to the Airbus , to keep it a bit updated . Your press release says it works with Navigraph or Navdata for airac cycles, so that should include the fuel planner airbus App Just my thoughts, Still enjoyimg the product and latest version for me is working well Derek
  11. I have never been able to install RASS, if I do the sim p3d will not start at all , this has been the case since the release of Airbus professional. I just live with out RASS Derek
  12. no problem we understand, we just thought we would let others and yourselves know its changed. Still enjoying this Airbus product
  13. The fmc door controls work fine, I have no other controls that work with doors, today was in the A320 CFM, for me, will test the others, not sure what my friend used, I am in UK he is in China. Will get him to reply here too. it has always worked for front left door until this latest version. Just couldnt shut the door for a while till I realised, it was ignoring my normal method to close the door, now I know I have to use the fmc its fine I can do from there, i use the fmc for all the other doors anyway , but most flights i dont use the other doors regards Derek
  14. I use to be able to close and open the door with the Shift E keyboard input , but now with it says its opening and closing in the sim message on the screen, but nothing happens. I can use the FMC to open and close, why has this changed? I had a friend also try it on his same and he got same result regards Derek
  15. flew to Aberdeen again today and all was fine ILS 109.90 was working perfectly . so please close this post as complete, It must have been a one off problem, with either me or the sim
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