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  1. Sorry I know, I know, difficult language but I finished the big text (in the last week) about Aerosoft Antarctica X as the new review of this scenery.


    Original link: http://yoyosims.pl/F...ntarcticaX.html (Polish)

    If You want You can try to use Google Translator: http://translate.google.com/translat...n&hl=&ie=UTF-8 (I dont know quality but see mistake with opening shots)

    I put too many screenshots. Time for coffe or something better... guinness.gif





  2. As You propose I did test again. FSX always surprises. Looks ok now. I did too same what I did before :)

    1/ FTX Oceania off

    2/ Antarctica X is checked as ok in Scenery menu folder

    I lose my Christmas trees, no gifts, no trees, I understand fully ; > now.

    See shots with this settings in too same place of Antarctica and NZSI.

    Antarctica (no Christmas trees)

    enb20111219221420.th.jpg enb20111219221518.th.jpg

    New Zealand (autogen & custom buildings)

    enb2011121922262.th.jpg enb2011121922292.th.jpg

    I think this file is ok (but I need explore more). Thank You Sascha!

  3. I assume that you took those screenshots around Marambio but without any coordinates given that is difficult to tell. Did you switch back to default terrain BEFORE loading Antarctica (and reloading FSX) using FTX Central? That's an essential step because as discussed so many times before FTX Terrain shouldn't be activated when flying outside the areas it covers.



    Sascha for sure. First did unchecked additional sceneries from FTX central - stayed with default FSX, next addthis file and activate Antarctica X from FS Menu Addons. Will do again for test. You have right, its near Marambio base, I still enjoyed this Region and explore each day. Antarctica is very big :), rest will be next time for whole winther 2011/2012 ;). Start from 23 direction and fly ahead, near airfiled right side.

  4. Not exactly.

    Ok, perhaps FTX NZSI works better now... but for me very important is Antarctica too. So I tested Antarctica first (I think many will do test of NZSI first without Antarctica X) and...

    See shots. With new Excludes.bgl I start to see.... trees. What I did? FTX is offline. Only Antarctica X is active.

    In too same place - with new Excludes.bgl see some trees on ground (shots 1 & 2). I saved a flight, used the old file and... no trees in this place (shot 3). I tested some part of Antarctica Region .

    enb20111219194825.th.jpg enb20111219194927.th.jpg enb20111219195345.th.jpg

    So now I used old file of Excludes.bgl and turn on/off Antarctica manually. Waiting for the next file ;) .

  5. Did You noticed than FTX New Zealand South Island has a problem if You have Antarctica X too ?



    No trees/buildings of autogen (in FTX scenery) if You have this two sceneries. If You deactivate Antarctica, NZSI has a custom buildings but no still autogen.

    For me problem extists on south part of Island.


    enb2011121718566.th.jpg enb20111217185818.th.jpg

    Is it possible than Antarctica X uses buildings or canceled from New Zealand region ?

    Is a problem of addon of Aerosoft or FTX or both? How to solve it?

    BTW (edit):

    Ok, it works for me too. I did unactivation Ocenania via FTX Central (Setup FSX default). Next deactivate Antarcticta X from FSX menu>Addons. Next activate Oceania again.

    My autogen come back in New Zealand. Ufff...

    But will be nice to do something with no nessesery do this deactiviation of Antarctica X if I take Oceania option.

    Antarctica X is a great scenery too!

  6. Skkuda, my Marimbo now looks too same, nice pictures.

    But in some areas I noticed strange, unrealistic coast line and mesh still. Perhaps the reason is - no data of this region, as Sasa wrote before.

    Example - near Teniente base - destination North/East (Bridgeman Island) :



  7. Just noticed something in your aerial shot screenshot of Marambio posted here (great repaint, btw!)

    The whole island is covered by rocky outcrops while yours is only white. Is it possible you didn't activate the scenery using the Aerosoft Launcher after installation?



    I did activation now after Your post but this base looks for me too same. Tested in early season/late season, so dont know why only see snow, no rockies like in Google earth.

    One thing - I have FSX on one disc (SSD - 200 Gb), but Addon folder for sceneries on another disc (for big scenery like photo ect). I move manualy textures&scenery folder from Antarctica/FSX destination - I have only 30 Gb free space only so bigger scenery like thise I must have on HDD not on SSD with FSX.


    Launcher activation is needed. I reinstall whole scenery + install in default way + did activation. Looks totaly different. Mutch better. Elevation is ok too.

    Just only one thing - please to do possibility install addon in different place (in patch ect), not only in default FSX way. For people who hasnt 14 Gb for scenery on this disc with FSX :) like me. I prefer another disc for big sceneries.



  8. No I havent any addons from Chile, only for this Region FSGlobal X (mesh) - but according Your one post. Did activation too by Launcher (not only with installation proces) - and now its ok ! No problem with this airfiled. Thx!



    no, problem exists. Strange. When I take "new flight" and Teniente looks like above, when I take another airfiled (ex.Marimbo) and after "jump" from menu to this airport is ok.


    Edit: solved: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/50548-antarctica-x-coast-line/

  9. Just noticed something in your aerial shot screenshot of Marambio posted here (great repaint, btw!)

    The whole island is covered by rocky outcrops while yours is only white. Is it possible you didn't activate the scenery using the Aerosoft Launcher after installation?



    Sascha. Yes, You have right, I did installation with serial/mail only. Its nessesery to use a Launcher ?

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