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  1. I´d like to see a "new" Supercub for FSX! That would be really great! What about the famous Scheibe Falke? http://www.airliners.net/photo/Scheibe-SF-...otax/1243374/M/ Scheibe Aircraft Or a really good UL / LSA like the Remos G3, CTLS, etc. Remos Aircraft http://www.airliners.net/photo/Remos-G-3-Mirage/0810929/M/ Flight Design CTLS But I´d second a Diamond DA40 TDI too!
  2. Yes, nice video although I don´t think that justplane is happy to see parts of their DVD on youtube :wink: http://www.justplanes.net/maldivian-air-twin-otter.html Hope this link is not undesirable advertisement. If yes, just delete the link but it´s a really nice DVD! And also interesting for people understanding German is that DVD (although there´s just a 15min part for the bare feet flyers): search for "der Traum vom Fliegen" at the online shop of http://www.takeoff-tv.de/frame.htm
  3. Thank you very much, Mathjis! Had not much time on my PC the last few days and I promise, I won´t mess up ma aircraft.cfg anymore while deleting the backup Thanks again!
  4. Hi all! I´ve been VERY dumb today: I messed around with my aircraft.cfg of the Twin Otter float version and deleted by accident the backup file. Could anone send me the Original version (1.01) so that I could avoid reinstalling my Twotter. Can anyone PM me the aircraft.cfg or contact me so that I can send you my email adress? Thank you very much! :oops:
  5. :shock: did I hear HELICOPTER??? WHERE??? a ver nice chopper? I can´t wait!! Forget the F-16, Bronco,.... and give me the chopper PLEEEAAASE!!! If you need a Beta Tester for the chopper let me know! If it´s just as nice as the Seahawk / Jayhawk it´ll be a MUST HAVE! Any hint about the type? Military or civil?? Twinengine or single? OH man! Whatever it is! I can´t wait! Seems you´ll get a lot of my money in the future although I promised to keep my FSX budget small.
  6. yes, it´ll take some time but I think it´ll be more comfortable than my real time flight with the Bell 206 from Austria to Hood River or with the Grumman Goose from Austria to Sitka. Only the greenland-iceland-Scottland legs are a little bit frustrating!
  7. that´s not very precise but I had a look where this could be and I think I´ll be patient and use my track to do some islandhopping in Germany before flying via Venice to Male (yes I know, it´s not the real life route :wink: )
  8. I´ll give it a try! Thanks for the Kingfisher paints! I´ll get them there! OH and I´ve put your TMA paint on the 100 with wheels and fly it from Torronto in many short hops and some longer distance flights (depends on my time) to Male where I´ll "convert" it to the float version. Seems my helicopters will have some spare time during the next months!
  9. Great news!! I´m really curious what it´ll be. Can´t wait to get a new Twotter point! I can understand the commercial doubts about the Maldives but maybe there´ll be a chance at any time in future! Well, I´ll continue my ferryflight of a wheeled TMA-Twotter from Toronto to Male where it´ll be converted to a float version.
  10. Hi Chris! Thank you very much for the tma paint! It looks really good and I can´t wait to fly it! OH and it´s really nice to see an OE-paint! Just one little hint, nothing important: "OE-X.." are normally helicopters. I think a "F" would be more correct ("OE-F..") but I´m not 100% sure about the F. :wink:
  11. Chris, thank you VERY much for this excellent paint of a tma Twotter! Really great! Can´t wait until avsim isn´t out of order for downloads (at the moment I can see the pics but the download is out of order) OH and I´d jump in for the request for a revival of a good Maldivian scenery! Maybe someone at Aerosoft can give it a rty? :wink:
  12. So do I! I don´t use all this stuff at all! I prefer better frames and don´t need flags, remove before flight things, etc. A high quality VC with smooth gauges are more important for me.
  13. Thank you for the quick fix! Really great! I´ve just one request: will it be possible to keep a non GPS version of the VC as it is without the marker beacons, a glide slope indicator, DME-Indicator, etc. I´d like to keep my really "basic" equipped Twotter without all this stuff. I know it´s difficult to satisfy 1000 different requests and wishes but I hope you´ll find a chance to keep one VC version "basic". I know I could make a backup from the current version but I think that there will come some more updates and so I´d like to get the normal fixes without getting more equipment. Thank
  14. YES! That´s an important point for me too! Please don´t patch the flight model to death because of a not expected behavior for Flightsimmers! I love the challenge of learning new things and it´s great if you jump out of the Twotter into your Beaver and it flies totally different! OH and if you´re planning to add more stuff for IFR enthusiasts please make it either removable or as a "new" VC-version! I like my Standard (nonGPS) Cockpit as it is! I don´t need any more instruments and would like to keep it as it is! I think I´ll even remove the Autopilot :wink: Thanks again for this grea
  15. that would be an interesting marketing gag: buy a Fiat 500 and you´ll get an Addon from Aerosoft for free! I think you should talk with Fiat about that! OH and I´m also waiting for a little bit more power! But it seems that my current car will have to run for another one or two years.
  16. Yes, the 300 on floats seems to be an exception and I´d be really happy if you´d think about this model after version 1.10 or even later! When ever you and your team have time and fun (maybe the designers can´t see a Twotter for the next few months ) it´s great! And yes, they´re a great bunch of guys! I had a lot of fun with them! The guy with the most stall warnings during one approach was a Canadian called Eric! It was a REALLY short landing! Thanks for thinking about it! I´ll be back 8)
  17. What a great airplane! I love this baby! I´ve just made some short hops around Toronto and it´s amazing! Such a detailed aircraft and I´ve NO impacts on the frames. It´s even running smoother than the default C 172 on my system! Great job! The Twotter is my favourite fixed wing aircraft. And the sound is awesome! I was put back to my flights at the maldives with the twotter operated by tma. Even the stall warning made the correct sound. I have to fly this baby to Lukla! One more question: is there a chance to get a 300 version on floats (long nose)? I´d really be more than happy if you cou
  18. Change it to: Most people appreciate that... (including me) :wink: Another seven hours to work! Poah what an endless day
  19. that´s true! And you´ll get two new Fiat 500 for one Mini Fiat 500
  20. It seems that the link is removed at the moment. It has been there and showed a price of €27,95.- I think it shouldn´t last too long until it´ll be back! So I can work concentrated a little bit longer! My boss will apreciate that
  21. IT`S HERE!! Have a look at the shop! Can´t wait to fly this beauty today after work! LUKLA I´m comming! Hmmm... That creates an idea. Maybe I should make a real time ferry flight (many "short" hops) from Canada to LUKLA during the next days / weeks. Thank you for choosing the Twotter for an Aerosoft Addon! Looks really great! Man, how could I work concentrated today! That´s hard
  22. Good to see that this wonderful plane is on short final and just had to make a touch and go before the final landing tomorrow. Looks great! I can´t wait to fly this beauty and think I´ll stop working tomorrow a little bit earlier! Cowboy, I think your statement isn´t really helpful. It just leads to statements like Hans Hartmanns slogan: "it´s done when it´s done!" And you won´t get releasedates anymore. One day isn´t really a big delay isn´t it? If you can´t live with one day delay, just saddle your horse and ride to the next town :wink: just kidding! Oh Mathijs, will there be a new
  23. No Maldivian in the base pack? Well maybe as repaint after the release! I´m really looking forward to this successor of my Lago Twinotter! Thank you for the list! There are some really interesting liveries mentioned. And with the upcoming Twotter I´m really looking forward to LuklaX! Great times will come up for my FSX!
  24. WOW! Can´t wait to fly this beauty! Thank you for the pics! Great bird!!
  25. That´s right! My post was meant as input how publisher / producer could improve their customer support in these times of very confused situations (FSX with SP1 vs. FSX with SP2, DX9 vs. DX10) and avoid angry customers. That´s all. Reading your statement brings me to following conclusion: I´ll buy Aerosoft products only if my system fits exactly the mentioned system requriments. Otherwise I can´t be sure that they work correct.
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