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  1. Hi Mathijs... its mainly financial as I'm out of work at the moment and have limited funds. With the EU nearly on parity with GBP it will cost me £29 to get it direct from you whereas if I get it from a UK retailer I may be able to get it for £18. its certainly worth £29 but I have to save money where I can. Download is great and as you say more up to date (done that with most things I've got from you...F16, Beaver, Seahawk etc) and preferred to do that when I could as then you the developers get more of the proceeds. But needs must If you can give me an unemployed discount I'd rather get it from you Matt
  2. Thanks Mathijs...I'm going to try and be patient for disk version but that isnt gong to be easy
  3. Mathijs... can you say what the price will be yet? Also can you say how long the Disk version will be?
  4. Looks amazing ...cant wait
  5. I noticed a nice freeware scenery that will go well with the Cat... RAF Oban over on simviation.com (may be other places too) might want to check it out. there is also RAF friston which includes Newhaven harbour... I'm stocking up on watery airfields in preparation for Cat release. Matt
  6. Good news... a beautiful place to fly. Any wild life included to look for when flying?... penguins, leopard seals and maybe a pod of Killer whales
  7. Hi...I've been trying to install update 1.2 but every time I try and extract the content into the FSX folder the process falls over and I get a message like " COM surrogate has stopped working... window will shut this program down and notify you if there is a solution". my operating system is Vista Home basic. any one else had this problem or can advise? KR Matt ps...managed to get round this by copying the files across manually rather than extracting as a whole lump... rather laborious but end result seems ok so far.
  8. Glad to see things progressing well... I keep checking in from time to to time.
  9. Have ben a bit tied up with modelling for Rail simulator lately but I check in periodically to see how things are going on this project. I think this is still the project for FSX that I'm most looking forward to so i hope you guys manage to get over the hiccups
  10. They look great Vinn what happened to the Wulf Pack though?
  11. This looks to have very good potential... thanks for letting us know about it. I should like to see this used to add some ridge lift to those hills at the back of Dillingham
  12. ASX... Is this an addon on for FSX ? if so can you elaborate on where to find it? Ridge lift for FSX would definitely be a boon. I'm hoping when Aerosoft release the discus they will add some enhancment to the thermals around Dillingham scenery to. Anyone know if there is a European Glider field scenery available for FSX? Dillingham is great but it would be nice to have one in this part of the world.
  13. Lots of goodies on the horizon
  14. I just wondered how things were progressing with the F16? some more screenies would always be welcome
  15. I can confirm that this is so (weight distribution)... asking the Cabin crew to ask the large Gentleman on the right to move over to the left is going to make a much bigger impact that it would on a 747. Be polite though As to the Torque Mathisj... I guess that is so unless you have you have counter rotating props and I'm not sure if that is so or not on the Twotter.
  16. Recently bought Heathrow X... have to say good job... and good FPS... I find better than default. I noticed that in the documentation it says that the jetways were not animated because it was thought it was better left to software like AES... Is there a version of AES that s designed to work with FSX then?
  17. That will be great. Meanwhile I've managed to get my Eurowings BAE 146 installed and working ok in FSX...yeh! I installed using the installer giving my FSX folder as the one to use... then manually installed the individual Aircraft folders (which areplaced at the top level by the installer)into the SimObjects/Airplanes folder... added thumbnails to all texture folders and that was about it. I dont think it would be worthtrying this without SP2 for FSX as the Canopy glass would be missing for one thing. Anyway works for me... cant make any promises to others but I'm happy
  18. If there is a new 146 for FSX in the offing I for one would love to hear about it. In the KLM and Aer Lingus livery it is a favourite of mine.
  19. How are things progressing with the F16? is it undergoing full beta yet?
  20. Looks superb Joachim... do you have much more work to do to complete this pack or will we soon be able to savour the delights of the Discus?
  21. Been enjoying participating in the Twotter beta and with Mathis' permission I'm posting a couple of screenies of Models/Texture sets not yet shown... French Air Force Textures and Twotter on Floats.
  22. There are a lot of exiting projects for FSX coming up but this is the one I'm most eager to get my hands on... beautiful work Joachim.
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