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  1. Hi Malcolm. Happy birthday!! 60 eh! I have a couple of years to catch up to you! You will not be disappointed by this bird. Also fascinating about your dad. It always amazes me how we so often forget about the incredible sacrifices others have made in the past so we can enjoy the present. I swear I can smell the petrol fumes when I fly this one. Not only a great plane but a wealth of history and nostalgia. What a deal! Check out the U Tube history video referred to in the forum...excellent way to appreciate the historical significance of this aircraft. Ray
  2. I am always pleased to see Aerosoft's response to forum issues for a product release...but...there is never enough just plain thank you messages. Just purchased and flew my first sorties with the Catalina. This is the finest and most realistic plane I have ever had the pleasure to fly in FSX. The engine management; the power response; the feeling of mass; the quality of the build detail and even the! Please extend my sincere thank you to all of the Catalina team at Aerosoft for an incredible job. You have made me very happy. Ray
  3. Love this plane! But I have to make it personal...right. Here is my first fun personal livery...Don't Panic Air. See the attached pics. Thanks Aerosoft...outstanding job! Ray
  4. Just wanted to let you know that emptying the aircraft of passengers (leaving pilot and copilot is OK) solved the right turn problem. Fuel load was not an issue. If I might suggest that the default load-out of the aircraft be pilot & copilot only. Flys BEAUTIFULLY now. Even the "throttle down ... nose pitch up" problem is much less pronounced. I just fell in love with the Otter again Ray
  5. Just want to thank everyone for the responses...I will examine the fuel load...the passenger distribution...and I intend to make the fat lady sing, but she has to do it on the port side of the plane! I am certain this is not mechanical (calibration, etc)...did all that and other twin engine aircraft do not exhibit this behaviour. I will let you know my results. Cheers Ray
  6. I have worked on this one most of the day...when flying the new Otter X, the aircraft is constantly pulling to the right. From an outside rear view, the aircraft is rolled a few degrees to starboard in flight. I have zeroed all trims...balanced props and throttles. At a loss. No other aircraft behaves this way (I own all FSX Aerosoft aircraft, plus numerous other purchased planes). If I add about 4-7 degrees of roll trim, I can get it flying straight, but I don't know why it is doing this. Any ideas anyone? (Use full Saitek yoke and two control modules) Sorry...I love the plane but this one has me stumped! Ray
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