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  1. Now that's interesting. I didn't know that they actually have some inteligent behaviour. I will follow your hint and make sure the FSX traffic is deactivated. Let's see how that will improve things. Do I have the AESLite traffic as well in the case I have the airport fully activated?
  2. +1 Even though I have unchecked the "can collide with dynamic scenery" setting, I crashed into a service vehicle yesterday in Munich after a 2 hours flight. I guess FSPassengers was causing this. It was not the first time. Escpecially Munich with the narrow bridges connecting the Aprons to the runway area, causes problems if one happens to end up in a head-on situation with apron traffic. They do not seem to make way, neither can I back up. Finally, I deactivated the apron traffic yesterday. It would be nice to have them around but I won't risk another flight ending in a unnecessary crash.
  3. I did your modification and renamed the file to deactivate it. And on todays flight to Oslo, no ctd on the 19R approach. Fingeres crossed it stays like this. Anyway thanks already for this single flight that went out brilliant.
  4. Hei kriggelb, Thanks for the tip. That sounds like it could work. I will try it and report back. I have AES installed and ENGM is fully activated as well. Since the Missing-Library-fix seemed to work, I guess that some library- or object-loading is the problem.
  5. I have the registered version of FSUIPC. However, this type of CTD seems to be another type that FSUIPC can't handle. On what I found out in some forums and during my checks on what caused the crashes, it seems that the object loading is the problem. The "reliab"-tool told me something about a hangar object in connection with the crash. But than I'm no computer expert and you never now. So I guess there's no other way than flying to Oslo with the MissingLibrary-fix at the moment.
  6. Did a flight with MissingLibraryAlert=0. I had an approach on the 01L without any problems. I was already hoping the tree-density was curing me from the ENGM curse. However, on today's flight it returned. Precisely at the ILS 19R DME 11 FSX crashed again. It's really sad.
  7. Hei, I'm still having the problem that the approach-, runway- and taxilights at Trondheim X appear quite late. I have to be as close as some 2 nm or so. (See the following topic: http://forum.aerosof...__hl__trondheim ) I made some further observations. During night, the rwy lights load and are visible as expected. The problem arises during day/dawn. I did two test situations. The first was with local time = 15:00; the second one was with local time 20:00. During the 15:00 flight, the rwy and vasi lights were loading gradually when I was only about 1-2 nm from the rwy, during the 20:00 flight, everything was ok, rwy and vasi lights loaded well in advance. I checked the same for Mega Airport Oslo. There during the 15:00 flight, the rwy lights were off, but the vasi lights were loaded well in advance. During the 20:00, rwy and vasi lights loaded perfectly. I started with a clean fs.cfg: didn't help. I disabled UTX Europe: didn't help. I disabled REX2 lightning and changed to default rwy textures: didn't help. No rwy lights during day wouldn't bother me, but it would be nice to actually see the vasi lights properly for the approach. Has there been anything discovered that would fix that problem? Rafael
  8. I tried it yesterday with the default 737. However I did not fly the complete route but rather started at ENBR and slewed to ENGM's long final of 19R. During that approach I did not get a CTD. Today, I updated GEX europe, don't know if that helps. I did as well reduce the tree density of ENGM from dense to normal. And then there was another trick that I discovered in the AVSIM forums. I checked which file caused the problem via the "reliab"-tool. It seems it was the g3d.dll. So I googled a bit and found that some people worked around similar crashes by putting MissingLibraryAlert=1 into the scenery section of the fsx.cfg. During the same flight as yesterday with the NGX, I got several warnings on missing libraries. However, those you could just close by clicking the ok button on the window, without any CTD's. Therefore I could finish the flight. A couple of warnings came up at the point where the crash normally appeared. It's not pritty, but it works for now. I will do some testing without this setting and see if only lowering the tree-density already helps.
  9. I'm running the airport on a similar setup; as well i7, Win7, no DirectX10. 3 Out of 4 flights into ENGM end with a CTD. Usually I'm flying the NGX. UTX is installed as well. I even did a trial flight with the default 737 from ENBR. Thereby I was using the slew-mode to put myself into the long final position for ENGM 19R. This one did not end in a CTD. I would be really pleased about any help on that. I kinda like ENGM, but I don't want to risk every flight ending in a CTD. And using the default 737 isn't an option either. I was reading in some forums that this problem does not only occur to NGX users but all kind of 3rd party plane users. Would be a shame if I have to uninstall this beautiful airport, because it's unusable. best, Rafael
  10. I have the same problem and would really appreciate any help on that. I haven't tested MegaAirport Oslo yet but will do that soon.
  11. Thanks for the hints, Peter. I will check them out. The main concern I have with VATSIM is indeed the choppy position update of mp-planes. I guess it can be difficult to fly in the same thermal on close range. However, I know that the UK Virtual Glider Association is flying via VATSIM. But I do not know what kind of software they use. I also remember that there is a "formation flight"-option in FSInn. I will try to read a bit more into it. The tow plane persistance is of course a problem. The solution for it might be to reposition in air and connect airborn to VATSIM or whichever server. I know that VATSIM in general does not forbid airborn spawn. Best, Rafael
  12. Hei there, I was flying some gliders a loooong time ago, only K8 and ASK-13, but had to stop then. With DiscusX, CumulusX etc. I was getting again hooked. I am regularly coming back to condor and check the forums etc. But I did not actually buy it for the same reason. I would like to have the experience of flying in areas that I familiar with it. I was building the Airfield I was doing the gliding with "Airport Design Editor". Im mostly in the Innsbruck and german alps area. I would be highly interested in flying online together. I did it several times with my brother over the FSX-multiplayer option and it was fun. Though I have little experience with VATSIM, I never flew glider with it. I'm wondering if the position update of Squawbox is good enough for flying together using gliders.
  13. Hei, First of all, thank you very much for this nice pice of software. If been out now several times with friends to multiplayer flights in the bavarian alps and it was always heaps of fun. The thermiks in all our simulator were fitting perfectly and it was a really nice experience. However, one question arose in me: Is it possible to tweak FSX or CumulusX somehow so that only CumulusX clouds are visible? I'm using REX, some of my friends use plain FSX clouds. So there's always a lot of other cumulus clouds around without thermik. It's for sure thrilling to search for the right clouds. But I was wondering, if it would be possible to only show the CumulusX ones. Would make life a bit easier some times i guess. best regards, Rafael
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