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  1. I am running this airport in FSX on an i7 Win 7 computer and not using Direct X10. When I get close enough to land all terrain features, runways and taxiways disappear in in all views except top down so I don't know where I am. All settings are as in the manual. I do not have this problem with other Mega airports. I am using the initial download and don't know if there have been any updates.
  2. I put this issue in the general forum before I saw the Mega Airport forum. My runways and taxiways disappear from time to time in fsx.
  3. I did not see this advice before I asked for help with 2.12 installation in FSX win 7. My Norton did not protest during installation but I opened Norton Internet Security and found Norton has stolen aeshelp.exe, so I was able to restore the new aeshlp.exe file.
  4. I cannot install the new aes 2.12 baasepack for fsx. The installation program goes through the installation motions telling me it installs on F:\microsoft games\microsoft flight simulator x\aerosoft\aes\aeshlp.exe. This is where my basepack has been all the time. An icon without the usual aeshelp picture shows up on the desktop but when I doubleclick on this short cut it says that the file has been moved. I am running Win 7 ultimate 64 bit and my previous basepack 2.09 installed all right. If I search for aeshlp.exe the file is not being found, neither do I see it in the aes folder itself. The consequence is that when I try to reinstall 2.09 it won't run, because the airport list is newer.
  5. Thanks Oliver, but you lost me here. Which mesh settings and where can I find the advice? Tor
  6. I have experienced once or twice with two different passenger planes (AFX and PMDG747X) that when I leave 36C at the first high speed turnoff and start taxiing south the plane all the sudden jumps into the air and flyes unstoppably in an easterly direction at low level. I had AP and Auto throttle turned off before taxiing. Has anybody else had the same experience? Could it be an elevation layer problem? Torjorg
  7. I have experienced the following on my computer with quad core q6700 8 GB ram GE Force 8800 GTX Win 7 ultimate 64 bit: When I select aes pushback the FSX planes start jumping up and down but complete the pushback. My PMDG 747 though even started rotating madly after pushback had been completed. No big deal as far as I am concerned because the 747 has its own imbedded pushback procedure. Just thought you might like to know.
  8. Hallo Oliver, Ich habe FS9 auf einem Vista Rechner im Partition F: neu installiert. Ich habe schon aes credit airports auf meinem XP Rechner im Pertition L: und auch Leipzig aes credit airport auf meinem Vista Rechner. Ich habe den AES Ordner mit Unterordnern vom XP zum Vista Rechner zu kopiert, aber die credit airports von XP sind nicht alle in Vista zu finden und AES Hilfe sagt, dass einige Flufhäfen doppel installiert sind. Wieviel oder wie wenig muss ich eigentlich vom XP Rechner mitholen um meine Credits nicht zu verlieren? Gruss, Tor
  9. GAP Hannover and Münster/Osnabrück for FSX look great, but is it right that the jetways are static? If so, will they eventually become operational? Or did I miss something here. I have tried and tried with "J" but they do not budge. :?
  10. Hallo Oliver. Vielen dank für die schnelle Antwort. Jetzt funktionieren beide Gates wieder.
  11. Ich habe Probleme mit EDDT. Ich habe versehentlich die Gates 4 und 10 im AF2_EDDT_GAP_Team.bgl mit AFCAD2 gelöscht. Nachdem ich die wieder hergestellt habe, funktionieren die Airbridges nicht mehr. Die Service-Autos und die Treppe funktionieren jedoch. Leider ist mein Backup vom AES verstümmelt. Was brauche ich oder was muss ich tun um die Bridges wieder funktionsfähig zu machen?
  12. Wie kann ich meine credits behalten, wenn ich AES 1.8 lösche und neu installiere? Tor
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