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  1. Hi Bob, That is also what I normally do. The first scenery I installed was ENBR and I asked ORBX Central to put the ORBX sceneries ect. under ENBR. But for some reason ENGM was put under the ORBX entries.
  2. Problem solved. The scenery had been placed in the bottom under ORBX and not on top as other add-ons. By putting all ORBX entries below ENGM it works as it should.
  3. Hi all, I am currently installing my add-ons in P3Dv5 and just tested Oslo. Unfortunately I have some terrain issues where the tunnel under 2 taxiways are replaced by one big hole. My Mesh is set for 2 and I use ORBX Norway with the 2 ENGM files deactivated. I have also choosen ORBX in the config setup. Any help would be appriciated.
  4. Same here. Works again here.
  5. Unfortunately not at my end (have tried to restart NDP Charts).
  6. I am experiencing the same problem and have never had this issue before.
  7. I got the same probem, but was able to log in on Firefox to buy NavDataPro substribtion and later when I wanted to log in I got the same error message. Also, I didn´t receive an confirmation email, but did receive the email that a new AIRAC was available. I just tried to log in via Internet Explorer which worked and have been able to update my NavDataPro.
  8. Hi Stephen, First of all thank you for your help. It is still a little up and down if I can print the plotting chart. As I see there are the EDTO airports where ETP is calculated and the adequate airports which is for the whole route.
  9. I am not sure, normally I print directly from PFPX onto paper. I am now enroute to PHNL and was able to make EDTO (without adequate airports) and print the Plotting chart. Not sure why I had those issues yesterday
  10. I didn´t have any, but with adequates I can make EDTO. But I am still not able to print the plotting chart. Just made a route from KMEM-PHNL with KMEM, KSAN, PHTO as adequate airports and EDTO with KLAX and PHNL which it made without issues and it also gave me the possibility to print plotting chart. So I am confused why it won´t let me do it over the Atlantic
  11. Hi Philippe, Please see below And this is the route and EDTO which comes up red
  12. Thanks Stephen, I can print everything else than the Plotting chart. When I try to put in EDTO in comes up in red even though the alternate airports circle overlaps eachother. Best regards Peter Lund
  13. Hi All, I am currently planning a trip over the Atlantic with the 744 and are flying a random track, but when I am printing the flight package the plotting chart is grayed out. Is it only available on NAT tracks and if so is it possible to fix that in a update so the plotting chart can be printed when you cross the Atlantic? I also tried using EDTO where I have made 3 profiles with 90 min., 120 min., and 180 min. and no matter which one I use it comes up red even with 3 alternates (CYQX. BIKF and EGPK). In the past I never had a problem with EDTO and the 747. Best regards Peter Lund
  14. Thanks Mathijs, that is also what I thought. Best regards Peter Lund
  15. Mathijs, I will most likely become unpopular with my question. I am not going to ask for a release date, but do you have a rough estimate on when Brussels is expected (3 months, 6 months, a year) ?. The reason why I am asking is I am considering buying Justsim Brussels as a tempoary solution until Aerosoft releases their Brussels scenery. But it also depends on the timeframe. Best regards Peter Lund
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