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  1. Back in January, Mathijs wrote that they were expecting files from the developer. Since then there's not been a single word about the progress. I simply refuse to believe that after 11 months of silence, there should be nothing to report. But even if the project had indeed been mothballed for all of 2018, by all means say so! In many other threads on the Preview forum, reporting problems and delays are not a problem. For the record I was not the one downvoting your response, but to counter the downvote you received, I have just upvoted it.
  2. No official progress reports since April when @Mathijs Kok would "try to get some updates". Seeing how this product is still labelled Singapore X rather than Singapore Professional, I have a faint hope that there will be an FSX version coming out, but it seems less and less likely for every day that passes, and I don't really like how questions to Aerosoft in this thread seemingly fall on deaf ears - as a long-time reader of Aerosoft's forum I know this usually spells trouble. I appreciate that as customers we're not in a position to "demand" information, but I think the posts in this thread i
  3. This seems to be one of the few airports in development where the title hasn't yet changed from "Mega Airport" to "Professional". Does that mean that a version for FSX is still planned? And seeing how all the way back in January you were awaiting the files from the developer, is there any progress to report?
  4. Thanks for your reply, Herman. I read the Preview threads on an almost daily basis, so I'm very familiar with Jo's Cologne-project. But I'm still surprised that with all the Norwegian airports published by Aerosoft over the years, Kristiansand has been ignored. Of the Norwegian airports not made yet, I believe that KRS is by far the biggest/busiest and also much bigger than some of the ones that have in fact been published (although I know that size in itself is not a deciding factor for Aerosoft). So basically I was just wondering if there were "external reasons" preventing thi
  5. Jo Erlend seems to have stopped working his way thru Norway's airports big and small. A shame, really, as KRS/ENCN Kristiansand is still missing. Is there any reason (that you can reveal here) for not making this part of Aerosoft's Norway portfolio? In terms of private sales, I'm sure it would sell just as good as Bergen, Trondheim, Tromsø etc...
  6. When the FlyTampa Copenhagen scenery was released, the first set of AES data was not correct either. But an employee at the airport with access to the correct information got in touch with Oliver Parbst, and it was all rectified in the following release. I am sure that if you can get your hands on the correct information, Oliver would do the same for Brussels. Towing - at least as part of a "push back and pull forward" procedure is already available in AES. Again it's just a matter of informing Oliver Parbst if you find that it is missing at some gates.
  7. A trio of Scandinavian airports I'd like to see developed for FSX in Aerosoft quality: EKYT - Aalborg ENCN - Kristiansand ESMS - Malmö Sturup I've been waiting (patiently) for Jo Erlend to start working on Kristiansand, as I believe that's the largest/busiest Norwegian airport that has not yet been made by Aerosoft, but not much has happened yet. And before Patrick jumps at it, yes, I am aware that both Aalborg and Malmö have been developed by enthusiastic people, but compared to commercial sceneries, they leave a lot to be desired... Sorry, n
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