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  1. Okay so the scenery has no problems after reinstall, but i have only tried installing Mega airport Oslo, and no other scenery like ftx or anything. I will see if i have the same problem with the ftx sceneries.
  2. Yes, it happen on every aircraft. And sorry mopperle, i decided to completely uninstall the simulator because its getting really full of bugs. This is not the only bug i had on my simlator, so i think the best idea is to reinstall everything. I will tell you guys if i still have the problem.
  3. Im so sorry for being this stupid. I will think a bit more next time. Here are the exe.xml file and the other file that you requested earlier.
  4. Hello. Im sorry for replying this late. I havent had time to spend on the sim (sounds like a typical excuse but it actually is. But yeah here is 1 of my dll.xml files. The other one in my P3D folder, i couldnt find it. Im sending it as a screenshot but tell me if you need the actual file (i have never done this so im kinda confused)
  5. Sorry for really late reply! What do you mean by that? how do i check that?
  6. I mean i have some other scenery that might interfear with ENGM. I have FTX global, norway, lc europe, vector... apart from that i dont know what could be interfearing. Anyways here is the screenshot:
  7. Correct. The box isnt there when i uninstall the scenery.
  8. Hello. I have had this problem for a long time, i just havent really bothered to fix it. Now that im starting to fly again, i really would want to fix it, because its kinda annoying So in Oslo Gardemoen (Mega Airport Oslo) there is a really weird box in the sky, that moves and changes form when i move the camera. Apart from that, objects in the airport also move and change form when i move my camera. I have tried uninstalling and installing again various times, without luck. I have recorded a video because explaining the bug is kinda difficult. Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4 2019-10-20 20-37-34.mp4 Thanks.
  9. Hello Holgi. Would love to see OH LZL with the new reindeer livery 


  10. Thomas Cook Scandinavia OY-VKG OY-VKI OY-VKH http://cdn.airplane-pictures.net/images/uploaded-images/2016/9/4/774769.jpg
  11. im still waiting for my Stockholm Västerås Scenery
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