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  1. Instead of triple airports I would like to see Alicante LEAL, as it is still lacking a good scenery, despite it being a major airport in Spain.
  2. Well, in theory they should work, but only lack the dynamic lighting feature.
  3. These two airports have amazing freeware sceneries that work in FSX and P3D.
  4. No, A lot warmer than that, but it is still in Europe.
  5. Well that ATC tower design is quite popular in Spain, and I thought of Ibiza due to the small size. I will post my picture this evening.
  6. I will jump on this topic and say that it would be awesome to see the Cseries
  7. Can you post a screenshot please? Aerosoft paintkit has some limitations so even the sharpest lines in PS will look blurry in sim.
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