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  1. sorry i forgot, is there a way for SIMSTARTER to detect FSDREAM GSX thank you lucien paquette
  2. hello, FSX, HIFI AS16, AND SIMSTARTER re installed.............effectively the problem was HIFI ACTIVE SKY yesterday ive install it direct from my computer about 12 times.....now ive re install it direct from HIFI site and all is working well like before. as16 was corrupt. thank you very much sir and also to PERO for your help and hints. and by the way SIMSTARTER is a superb for FSX.. i had no doubt about simstarter because i know for sure AEROSOFT is very trusting company. but didnt know exactly were the problem came from thank you lucien paquette and SIMSTARTER detect by itself automatically all the the 3rd party addons like AS16 or UTLIVE SUPERB.
  3. HI I am re installing fsx, and uninstalling active sky and then re installing it yesterday ive re installed active sky many times but it didnt correct the problem. thank you lucien paquette
  5. hello, what is also strange is that there is no HIFI in user lucien appdata roaming i tried to find it yesterday but its not there., i tried many times to install re install install AS16 and simstarter and its always the same thing...............i was thinking of re installing fsx from steam but im not sure if it would correct the problem. thank you lucien paquette
  6. forgot to say im using FSX STEAM thank you lucien paquette
  7. hello, since this morning im trying to connect ACTIVE SKY 16 to simstarter but it doesnt work it was working fine till 2 days ago but had problems with my computer and had to reinstall everything. simstarter doesnt recognise active sky 16 anymore. im working on it since this morning bur its impossible. if i look at ACTIVE SKY CONFIGURE in extended settings Configure Active Sky cannot activate it if i look in Setting---Program setting--EXternal programs Use Active Sky Version=Installation not found also impossible to to find the path to HIFI config folder thank you very much lucien paquette SIMstarter NG.log
  8. hello, nearly one year i have the CRJ now and still not understand how the CRJ MANAGER works i use simbrief has the flightplan, it says 4392 lbs block fuel, ...i put this in the crj manager fuel on board, clic calculate crj manager says 2756 lbs fuel on board and 2751 lbs block fuel, there is something i dont understand here how come its not the same i put the exact amount in DAVE so crj manager not the same as dave and not the same as simbrief. even if i put the same amount in the fuel and payload fsx its not the same. i am really mixed up with this again and again. witch one is good, dave, crj manager, simbrief, or fsx fuel and payload. its all mix up here. I want to fly CYUL to CYHU how can i know witch fuel and payload is the good one. i follow everything by the book and still not working as it should thank you again lucien paquette
    hello, it doesnt work with the A320,, screen comes blank, if i use F12 OR F11 SCREEN IS BLACK, I see it at the gate, but i can do nothing with it. F10, F9 and A key nothing happen. Doesnt work at all. i would like to see it work because i am from CANADA and AIR TRANSAT is one of the best company here with AIR CANADA. thank you, Lucien Paquette
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