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  1. Someone give me a tip how I can solve the following. I have Airbus A320-321 FSX. Wanting to make a LPPT-LTFJ flight on A321 on Fuel Planner doesn't give me enough fuel how do I solve it? João Peralta
  2. I have the A320 (FSX) lately in the middle of a clouded flight (working with the AS16), the aircraft starts to rock mainly when I go to the AS16 in flight which I have difficulty inserting something into the FMC João Peralta
  3. I have Scenery Manchester X (FSX) is in this state .... I have installed ORBX Eng ... can you help me please
  4. Sorry for my English but at night my cockpit gets very dark. Use FSX (SP) both on the A319 / 320. Thank you John
  5. Sorry, for my English. I installed Manchester X (FSX -SP2) I have texture problem. Does anyone help me please. João Peralta
  6. Sorry, for my English. I have noticed in my Airbus that the panels in the cockpit are serrated where you can not see well just by focusing very closely. I have the NvidiaInspector and I do not know how to solve it. Use FSX-SP2, Windows7. Can you give me a tip please. (on the outside everything is OK). João Peralta
  7. I installed Manchesater X attached file where it shows how the scenario was. Use FSX (sp2) ORBX (FTX Global and Europe and england) besides help me please João Peralta Another problem that appears underlined underlined portions are always blinking what I do not understand
  8. when it triggers the pushback repair that the wheels does not move it looks like the aircraft is dragging, why? Other situation I can not configure the 777F, only the crew ladder appears João Peralta
  9. I have the Zurich airport updated the sleeves with AES 2.45a do not move I do not know why anyone gives me a tip. Thank you João Peralta
  10. Sorry, for my English. How can I configure the steering control on the joystick without affecting the Propedals? (Use FSX SP2) Thank you John
  11. aircraft when it jumps to be towed by tractor in all scenarios when I do the same maneuver but with ctrl + p ok joao
  12. had to install again to install the FSX AES did not work the 2:21 dowl I open FSX and will not appear in any airport ... I have windows7 (64Bit) Help me please Joao
  13. Thank you very nice Fletcher problem solved Everything is ok....Thanks again for your help Joao
  14. Greens are the two... The Barcelona airport is beautiful, well OK... Only Stuttegart of this problem is that it has joao
  15. No . http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/3138/scenerystuttgart.jpg
  16. I believe it is enabled image attachment Joao
  17. I have already installed and uninstalled more than 5 times ... this image shows the last installation, there is overlapped scenary please help me John
  18. I uninstalled and installed again all the same, second to uninstall revised, repair and nothing like I do not know what to do have several airports Aerosoft never happened to me and I do not know what to do I want to buy three more I'm afraid. John
  19. Yes ... I have lots of repair and make uninstall Joao
  20. JPetro, I sent him my e-mail file scnery.cfg.. Fletcher I think so... Joao
  21. Yes correct with other scenarios so far all ok
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