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  1. Hello, I uninstalled my previous SIMstarter iteration today, deleted the previous folder, insluding data, and downloaded the latest version from my aerosoft account. Now when I run SIMstarter NG P3D.exe (in Administrator mode) it prompts me to select platform without nothing to select in the window. Please help. Thanks.
  2. Using this thread I'd like to reiterate again how much I enjoy flying AS A3XX Professional. Very satisfying experience flying this 'liter' rendition of Airbus in Prepar3Dv5. Very well done, gents. Thanks.
  3. I'd rather just make the screen go black when not needed.
  4. Is this to do with some security features in Windows 10 v2004? PS: This folder was opened by a PC on my network.
  5. Anybody remembers the name of the file with wingview bar settings? Thanks!
  6. Weird, I can't do anything (move or rename) A3XX EFB folder. Any idea? It says the folder is already opened somewhere. I reloaded PC several times to no avail. Thanks.
  7. I'm sorry, Dave! They are A320 iterations, I don't own A330 yet but I have it in my plans. My good friend flies A330-300 FO long haul. Thanks for your care!
  8. Airbus A3XX Professional, all of them (they seem to share some single setting file for that wingview bar). I'm on the latest beta for P3Dv5HF1 Thanks!
  9. The title says it all. I was tinkering with my EZCA views and I know I went overboard with changing them, going back and forth etc. At some point I messed up the views in the Wingview bar (I don't use Panel bar, it is not very compatible with EZCA anyway). How to reset the Wingview bar views to their defaults? Thanks.
  10. It does for me, so I asked. But I don't want it removed, so it's not my idea. Thanks.
  11. Same here, easy fix- just touch integr lights.
  12. Hold your horses there, Mathijs Kok! I only meant I didn't want it in my FOV (glowing) during very specific, short but critical and possibly CPU-intensive moments of flight. You know just a simple option - click it On, click it Off with a mouse, no drama. EFB is a great tool, why would you think anybody wanted to debate that?? Thank you! PS: Lol, don't get me started about money spent on other planes - it's too late, way way too much over last 20 years, FSL or others, just pick any and name it to me.. )).
  13. This is an unnecessary distraction during the flight and possibly a drain of valuable resources. Thanks.
  14. When you have a spare minute could you add some technical detail? What does it affect and how? Thanks!!
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