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  1. Thanks for the pointer, but if I got it right I suggest you change the default setting in Backup Plan to run Backup at SIMstarter NG Program Start from active to disabled. Not everybody goes there to change settings. Like I myself discovered that I had over 300(!!) backups due to that obscure setting being active by default apparently after I ran SIMStarter over 300 times! No wonder, because I start P3D via SIMstarter.
  2. Hello, I wanted to make a rar backup of my SIMstarter NG/data folder before full reinstall of Prepar3Dv4.2 when I discovered it was huge, almost 900Mb. Turned out simCfgBackup folder there was full of backups (363 items) since 2017/12/06 only! Please please explain what in SIMstarter triggered them to propagate? If I'd like to save a backup of my latest SIMstarter settings do I need only one latest backup folder there? And how to stop SIMstarter to create them in hundreds? Thanks!
  3. I read Aerosoft finished the development of A318-321, so no new features, unless you reveal to us something else.
  4. very good idea but hardly feasible with aerosoft. Sabre.
  5. Shaun, Thank you for the advise to "see if the co-ord in the exclude are in the same area". How would it help my problem though (either way, the same or different)? The real problem is not the landclass "files" but the way Mega Amsterdam X is built. Amsterdam is the only scenery that gives these problems,I've seen similar complaints and without scenerytech's landclass. Now I have to patch Amsterdam's "holes" with my custom exclude bgls, I guess you understand it better than me. Sabre.
  6. I know I should try and fix it myself as the original author doesn't seem to support Mega Amsterdam. Please see the problem below: Do I basically need an exclude bgl file between Mega Amsterdam and Scenerytech landclass? These lines were taken from fs9, do you think the coordinates are still valid for FSX world? Exclude=N52 18.23,E4 46.16,N52 17.43,E4 47.12,objects Exclude=N52 19.92,E4 43.98,N52 17.19,E4 48.88,objects Please guide me through how to make the exclusion bgl and place it in fsx, adding some edits to scenery.cfg Thanks, Sabre.
  7. Ok, I've realized I installed land class europe before airports. Could you please give me an example of the proper Exclude lines for scenery.cfg in FSX? Thanks, Sabre.
  8. This is so frustrating, I'm hit by the same problem, I bought Amsterdam just 2 days ago and my installation of FSX is almost vanila clean. Now I have this autogen building on the taxi way. I have no Ultimate terrain series, just GEX Europe and Ultimate Traffic 2. The version of Mega Amsterdam is 1.4, so it must be the latest. I have installed only Heathrow Extreme 2, London City Extreme and Gatwick extreme. So what am I supposed to change? Thanks, Sabre.
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