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  1. Hello! Sometimes when I adjust the pressure the auto pilot panel turns completely black. Sometimes it's just a few sections that disappears and sometimes the whole panel goes black. At first I thought it had something to do with panel states but I'm quite confident the bug is with the altimeter setting. EDIT: It just happened again without me touching the pressure gauge so I'm really back to square one with this... Kind regards Jesper
  2. Hi! I would love to see Brussels Airlines Aerosmurf for the new buses. The Aerosmurf is the only one currently not available to find anywhere. Kind regards Jesper Persson´╗┐
  3. I agree completely! I've been waiting for Lisbon and Brussels for P3D v4 and lisbon is getting out soon. Hope to see some progress on EBBR here soon.
  4. As most others here I'm also really looking forward to this airport as brussels is an empty spot on the airport map of Europe right now. Hope this project goes well!
  5. Jespersson

    saitek yoke

    Remember to put the slide on the right of the assignment to maximum right. Sometimes this changes when you start the game so check it before every flight for a while and if it stays there then it works fine. And don't use fsuipc for this simple thing. It usually just mess things up with some planes that can't handle fsuipc very well.
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