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  1. Hi OleBoy! I'm so glad about you can solve your problems finally! I have no problem with those gauges, therefore I had no idea how can I help you. About our forum-member...he's a troll, and lot of topic-users hate him...just read into the Katana-topic...you'll know everything! Cheers, Z.
  2. I think the point was about which way to open and close the radiators, the missing popup is just a second thing. But ask Griphos what was his main problem.
  3. You can see the arrow signs on the knobs which way to open and close.
  4. Why don't you try at the official iFly forum? There lot of talented painters who can help you...or maybe your requested paint is already exists on Flight1 library. Check that.
  5. Hey, do not compare this sim to MS FS or Xplane... I think, in this case the final goal was totally different than the previous mentioned simulators. And do not forget, IPACS a much smaller company with much smaller budget than MS... So I am - based on those pics and vids - close enough satisfied with this sim: a small aerobatics/GA/gliding simulator...that's cool!
  6. Easy to check those cowl flaps: at external view if you see the engines (cylinders) then the cowl flaps is opened, if you didn't see anything, then your cowl flaps is closed. The oil cowl flaps is an other story...those flaps is not visible in the FSX external view...as far as I remember.
  7. Good news, I going to download it! Many thanks Aerosoft and Octopus G!!! A question...further updates is planned?
  8. Many thanks Fabian! Then must take a risk if I want to buy it...
  9. These screenshot looks very promising! I would like to buy it, but a demo should be good before. Any info about it on the German pages? (Sorry I don't speak in German...)
  10. Your Cylinder-head temperature seems a "littlebit" high...
  11. If you want, I can send you the modified textures in psd format for create your own variant. Just give me a contact!
  12. Hi Folks, I made some texture improvements for OctopusG's breathtaking Wilga. C&C welcome! Now comes only with hungarian language but I'll made other language versions if lot of simmers interest about it.
  13. Thanks OctopusG, I hope the best... Anyway...there is more bugs on the visual model and the repaint kit too. See this picture that explain all: Unfortunately it is not YoYo or mine mistake, is it a model-bug. Not checked all of model variant but the 'SPEIB' model have this bug for sure. Another thing with the repaint kit: Lot of parts are missing from the repaint kit psd, such as back side of oil cooler for example, but lot of small parts too from various psd files. So when I started to make my own repaint, I must to copy these missing parts from YoYo's beta textures.
  14. OcopusG, many thanks in advance for your upcoming patch for the Wilga. If available, please do a little trick for the landing gear texture mapping too! See the attached picture. Now we have a mirrored texture on the landing gears, therefore making some paint impossible.
  15. As I said, I talking about only used Wilgas not a new one with brand new engine. Our aeroclub's lovely Wilga only have ~1,5m/s with one average glider, but with a Jantar2B with full ballast water less than 1,5m/s. Our other towing aircraft - a Piper Pawnee and Maule MX-7-235 - have more climb rate than Wilga. That's all why I said the mentioned words, no offense. But less or more power, we all in our aeroclub love our Wilga so much as all aircrafts from the "easter block".
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