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  1. I use this setup for my fsx:steam edition and I have a problem with the pedals. I mean, when I setup them to brake and I join on the game the brakes are blocked and remain blocked....if I pressed them the brake is released but somehow the aircraft is still braking. I don't now how explain more clear :D, any idea what to do?
  2. Hello, I don't know how to explain that, but, i will try to make it clearly for everyone to understand. For some time I have some problem while I taxi and take off using the Airbus DLC, I mean, recently I bough a pair of ruder pedals from thrumaster and I have problemes with them when I fly Airbus. In general while I taxi to the runway I use 20-30% of thrust, but the problem comes when I press the breaks from pedals, because from that moment it does not work properly. I don't know why when i press the breaks in the next moment if I want to continue to taxi i will need 60-70% of thrust just to maintain 10 knots.. I use FSX and with the others aircraft I don't have that problem, just with Airbus DLC. I will be very thankful if someone can help me resolving that problem.
  3. Hello, I bought this aircraft 1 week ago, and I can't use the FMS, says ''Loading Data Base'' I let to ''Loading'' his data base 2h and nothing happened, any idea how to resolve that? I use FSX: Steam Edition
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