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  1. Thank you for your reply. Xplane has payware.available. But that is it. I appreciate your response..Regards, Rolf
  2. Years ago I owned the German Airport series but unfortunately it never graduates and went on to the P3D platform. I am particularly interested in EDHK Kiel Holtenau. I have looked forever for newer versions of that airport however no luck. I am hoping that Aerosoft would consider EDHK back on the drawing board or failing that, if anyone knows if a P3D V4.5 version is available somewhere. For those of us from Kiel/Laboe this would be real treat. Thanks and greetings from Canada, Rolf
  3. That did it. Thanks very much for the prompt help. Rolf
  4. I just purchased and installed Erfurt but I am experience significant elevation issues. I configured ORBX vector and Little Navmap. I am running windows 10 P3D v4.4. Please let me have your thoughts. Thank you. Rolf
  5. Hi Rainer, It seems to me that I read somewhere that the new version would be released on March 23rd. 2012. Obviously I was wrong. Are there any dates that we can anticipate seeing this product being released? Thank you. Rolf
  6. I purchased Paris CDG in the DVD version a year ago. I also own EDDH and EDDF (download version). I have been able to update the latter. Is it possible to update a DVD version? If so how do I go about it. CDG does not show up in my Aerosoft accounts. Thank you Rolf
  7. I have purchased the DVD version of Paris CDG FSX about a year ago. I also have the download version of EDDH & EDDF both of which I was able to update. Can one update a DVD version or is that not an option? Thanks, Rolf
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