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  1. Rolf Would you be able to inform me where these settings are kept? (.cfg, .ini file, perhaps) I would like to check mine. Cheers Jock
  2. Very interesting thread and possibly why I have a 'mixed' success at Managed RNAV's. I think almost all the RNAV's I fly, the IAF would always be above the FAF. I will set my altitude at the FAF height (which I think is technically, incorrect given that the FAF is below the IAF) and see if it will descend after FAF. Thanks for the input here, folks. Cheers
  3. Gaz, hello again. If you have created a loadsheet for EGNT-EGLL in the app, and generated it, it will stay saved there. When you are prepping your flight and in the 3rd MCDU, 'Load and Fuel'/Loadsheet at L6, it will generate the figures that you created in the Fuel Planner app. It matters little what is there on the next start-up. There is the need to load the generated loadsheet at each start-up, in the 3rd MCDU, given that you wish to fly the same EGNT-EGLL, again. Please help me understand what figures are different, after you have reloaded the loadsheet in the 3rd MCDU. Cheers Jock
  4. Gaz, hello All figures to be loaded into your Airbus must be done via the 'Aerosoft Airbus X Fuel Planner'. Perhaps could be better names 'Fuel and Payload Planner', or the like. This is a separate app that Aerosoft gives you. If you want to see zero passengers low cargo and fuel, go into the planner and manipulate the sliders and figures to do that. Ensure you hit the 'Generate Loadsheet' button. When you open the 3rd MCDU and load the 'Loadsheet' under 'Load and Fuel', you will see these figures. I am at a loss as to why you would want to do this given that you wish to perform a flight. So, manipulate the Planner to the your own figures or data from say, PFPX/SIMBRIEF, save it by hitting 'Generate Loadsheet' and your planned flight figures will be good to go when your load the loadsheet in the 3rd MCDU Hope this helps, GAZ. Cheers
  5. A320 IAE ZFW 54,600 Ramp Fuel 9,430 Trip YPKG-YMML Duration 3hrs 15mins, Fuel Planner adjusted using PFPX figures Weather AS FL370 Departure was pretty simplistic with rate of climb considered well within normal operational boundaries (pleasant after previous ver) Arrival STAR had two constraints which were met. Fuel performance was excellent. Used CL's with 'both' Into the cruise it was noted that the APU available lights were showing on the Overhead and E/WD. Both lights disappeared after 2hrs! More testing required but happy so far, especially with Vertical Profile and Cheers Jock
  6. After a quick test (will do something more structured later), I agree with Meyerflyer. Very controlled and realistic climb. Looking good. Test done with A320 IAE. Cheers Jock
  7. Dave:- Report #2 I deliberately repeated a flight that I had issues with descent, some 4 weeks ago. Same STAR and App. Let down from FL390 in 'Managed' went very well. T/D was earlier than I remember. One call for 'Drag'. Came in on the IAF, correct height and speed. I think previously I was brawling with the Virtual FO and may have been distracted!! Nevertheless, I am happy that the current version is doing all the right things for me, in regard to descent, at least for an ILS Approach. Cheers Jock
  8. Dave, hello again I have just completed a 2.3 hr flight. Matched the Fuel Manager to my PFPX plan. Successful let down from FL360. Followed what 'Managed' had given me. T/D was earlier (5NM) than what PFPX had predicted. Drag was called for twice during the decent of which I responded to. STAR was not that complex with only one height restriction (AT OR ABOVE 8000). It hit this Waypoint at 8700. Reached the IAF spot on height and expected speed. No unrealistic rate of descent. No complaints here. I have only had one other issue with descent, so unsure if the latest Version has the amendments in or not. My results seem to be at odds with the other thread on this, but perhaps I have been lucky. For your information. Cheers Jock
  9. Dave, hello I am currently running on ver My Updater is not indicating an experimental update that you allude to. I gather it is yet to come. For your information. You guys are doing great work in this area. Appreciated Cheers Jock
  10. Emanual. Thank you Apologies for this. I really thought that the PFPX question was asked here Cheers Jock
  11. Is it planned that PFPX figures can be transferred into the AS Fuel Planner? Cheers Jock
  12. I have a sort of similar problem with this pop up Cheers Jock Insert existing attachment
  13. I have resolved this issue with ref. to this thread. My config got messed up someplace using the Livery Manager. All fixed now. Cheers Jock
  14. OK, after all this time the messages in this thread enabled me to fix. Cheers Jock
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