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  1. Sorry for the late response, thank you Ill try out having wide-view aspect selected
  2. Was this issue solved, sorry this is an old thread, but trying to fly the plane when its this dark is a struggle
  3. Hi Guys, When it comes to loading the plane with fuel using GSX I only get the fuel work lit in orange, I've tried everything. Both Boarding and Cargo work but the fuel will not. I click it and it stays orange compared to that of boarding that begins to flash green. I have used both ways to load the plane using either the fuel planner or putting in the number of PAX and tones of fuel needed for the flight manually but none work when GSX is involved in Fuelling. The plane will refuel however if I just input the figure and then press the fuel button? But for realism Id love there too be a way I could possibly get the GSX fuel truck to do my refuelling. Thanks in Advance, Jonny
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