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  1. Sorry. Confirmed bug. Please copy both files english.lang deutsch.lang to C:\Aerosoft\SIMstarter NG P3D\languages\ and replace the existing ones. I will send an update during the next days.
  2. Please check the latest version.
  3. SIMstarter NG P3D Version is available! --- 09.09.2021 - v2.2.1 rev. 13 [BUGFIX] SimCfg MGR - Bloom settings not correct [BUGFIX] SimCfg MGR - Ignore weight / Ignore forces where switched [CHANGED] SimCfg MGR - Viewgroup Settings will be imported automatically if they changed
  4. Okay. Are you using v5.1 or v5.2?
  5. Hi Peter, if I get you right, there is no way to reduce the choice of available aircraft depending on a SIMstarter Profile. Its not planned so far. You can disable path of static aircraft libraries or AI aircraft libraries in the program settings - but thats it.
  6. I double checked this. Works fine. Are you sure you appling the correct ConfigSet with the profile?
  7. Pls check the user manual.
  8. In general the Diff Manager should ask for changes. Strange one.
  9. Hi Peter, SIMstarter does not change Viewgroups in any case. Sorry to say but no idea for the moment.
  10. Hi Frank. Yes, it's a bug in current version. If you don't want to wait until next update please replace the existing file C:\Aerosoft\SIMstarter NG P3D\scheme\platforms\P3Dv5.2\simCfg.xml with the attached one. Thank you. simCfg.xml
  11. Hi Frank. I check that.
  12. Looks like the file is damaged. Can you please post it here? I may can adjust it.
  13. You are welcome. You left hand side include all possible items, right hand side the profile assigned ones.
  14. Have you added items to that checklist? You can do so with the [...] Button right hand side.
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