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  1. Hello, where may I find the JS41 for PFPX? Thanks
  2. Hello Mathijs,

    how are you?


    A days ago I bought FS GENESIS NEXT MAP HD TERRAIN COLOMBIA but I was looking in the network about the Ground Environment X for South America and Asia. And I want to buy GROUND ENVIRONMENT, But I have a doubt: what is the difference between GROUND ENVIRONMENT X- SOUTH AMERICA and FS GENESIS NEXT MAP HD TERRAIN COLOMBIA? Or are they the same for FSX?


    I will appreciate an explanation.





  3. Hi captain: I have the aerosoft Airbus and I would like to use my multipanel saitek. It has been impossible for me. I am writing to you if you are as kind to help me. My mail is jr04_98@hotmail.com I would apreciate if you can help me. Greetings from Colombia, Hernando

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