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  1. nando21

    Regional Aircraft

    Hello, where may I find the JS41 for PFPX? Thanks
  2. Hello everybody, I have this message in any aircraft when I press the option to compute flight, I have tried removing PFPX from the control panel and trying to reinstall it again in another folder but the problem continue. I would like to know how to remove completely the PFPX to begin using it from a new installation avoiding the issue ( although, I have a new installation I continue seeing the flight plans That I´ve saved before unistalling). I just wanna to know how to uninstall correctly. Thank you, regards, Hernando
  3. when I open FSX is a black screen loading in 100% and it never open. any solution
  4. Hi, when I open simstarter X I see the title message in red color. It says auto update impossible. Please download update from shop. Where can I download the new update. I bought this product on simmarket I hope that you ca elp me to update this product. Nando
  5. nando21

    FSUIPC Settings with SIMstarter NG!

    Could someone explain me what is the AI traffic función in fsuipc?
  6. Hello Mathijs,

    how are you?


    A days ago I bought FS GENESIS NEXT MAP HD TERRAIN COLOMBIA but I was looking in the network about the Ground Environment X for South America and Asia. And I want to buy GROUND ENVIRONMENT, But I have a doubt: what is the difference between GROUND ENVIRONMENT X- SOUTH AMERICA and FS GENESIS NEXT MAP HD TERRAIN COLOMBIA? Or are they the same for FSX?


    I will appreciate an explanation.





  7. Hi captain: I have the aerosoft Airbus and I would like to use my multipanel saitek. It has been impossible for me. I am writing to you if you are as kind to help me. My mail is I would apreciate if you can help me. Greetings from Colombia, Hernando