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  1. Hi Tulma! There is a program called Addon Converter_X (from flight1) Some people say that the program fixes many of the dx10 problems. It's a payware (but also a demo) Maybe you can check it out, see if it is any help. Please feel free to share the result. Good Luck
  2. Antalya for fs is extremely buggy... Honestly when I see how many people that are having performance issues with this add on (despite they have decent enough computers to run the scenery) And yet, there seems to be none what so ever response from the developer.. I think it's rather unproffesional.. I have almost the same problem as you. I've tried aerosoft support by mail, got no suggestions on how to fix it.. Seems like they've just abandoned the whole project.. Anyways good luck solving the issues, I've given up on the whole scenery.. It's just not worth it!
  3. Offcourse But I solved the problem, I just needed to delete everything from Woai, which I had uninsteled several months ago.
  4. Hi.. Bought Aerosoft My traffic 2010 the other day. The instalation went fine. No errors. So I fired up the sim and started at and random airport. And what do I see. Nothing. Not a god damn airplane in sight. The sim is slower than before. So it seems like it is installed correctly, but no planes show up. What could the problem be? Anyone?
  5. Fantastic Jo Erlend!! Lokking realy forward to this scenery! I live in Stavanger and finally I can fly from my home city in fsx. Thats fantastic. But I have a question: Like in Vaernes X, when I'm flying at night the international terminal is pitch white. I'm using dx10 because of better performance and I was just wondering if you have built this scenery using dx10? Thank you
  6. I have an I5 760 3.1 Ghz procecor and an ATI HD5770 + 4GB DDR3 RAM and I have between 10-15 fps but at other sceneries like Frankfurt and London I have over 20 average. I'm planning on buying a water cooling h50 and OC my procecor to 4Ghz and see if there's any difference. But since FSX is the worst coded game ever, the developers should try to make the best out of and by that I mean making them more performance friendly on most computers. Especially since I am above the required system requirments. Wll I have learned that when it comes to simulator games (especially FSX) you can't re
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