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  1. Why wouldn't you post this on the My Traffic X forum?
  2. AES has changed the way I enjoy this hobby of mine in so many positive ways, it's not even funny! Thank you!
  3. You know on that in AESHelp application, the Activate Airport Tab has a check box for "show only installed airports". This way you can see what AES shows you have installed that it supports and activate them. Now if AES shows fewer airports than you have installed that it supports - the scenery isn't installed correctly in FSX.
  4. I was on the FTX website and noticed there are several airports out there like YMML YBCS, and YBBN available, is there any plan for AES to support them?
  5. Huascar - GEX and UTX should not cause any issues because they do two different things. GEX does ground textures, scenery and autogen objects (repetitive trees, houses, buildings land usage). UTX does scenery - rivers, streams, roads, railways, bridges etc... So if you have issues, you may not be installing them correctly - especially if you have some Land class (mesh) files that do topography (hills, mountains, valleys and plateaus) like FS Genesis. The correct sequence is 1. Land Class - Mesh files (FS Genesis, FS Global X 2010, etc) 2. Ground Textures (FSscene, GEX, etc) and 3. Scenery (UTX). Note: I have GEX US and Europe and FSscence World so here is my install sequence: 1. FSGenesis 2. FSscene 3. GEX (this is next because I want to over write North America and Europe FSscene areas with GEX US/Canada and Europe) 4. UTX USA (this is last because I want the roads, bridges, etc - over the GEX US textures)
  6. Here is the exact post I have on FSDT forum on this issue. "I am another person holding off on KLAX until it has moving jetway, pushback and "follow me" support. My thing is this, as an owner of more airports than FSDT models (like most others here), I will always need AES! Thus, we (FSDT customers) will need some sort of guarantee that GSX and AES can co-exit flawlessly. If there is a hint of conflict in the programs, I will ditch KLAX and all future FSDT projects like a bad habit. AES supports more airports so my loyalty lies with them."
  7. LOL mopperle - you do have a point with the ICAO thingee. As for special powers, they were sucked out of me (...the day after I got married).
  8. Would it be too much trouble to add Country along with Airport Name? The list is getting kinda long - not that I am complaining or anything.
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