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  1. I bought this aircraft a while back via Simmarket and wanted to register on the site, however is giving me email/serial error messages. Is there any way to achieve this? Also the files I have at Simmarket are AO_BAE_200.zip & AO_BAE_320_UP.zip both contain Aerosoft Installer. Have there been any other updates to the above?
  2. Thank you Oliver, did as instructed but could only find the airports assigned on the latest credit pack, (FrankfurtX, Heathrow V2) and Stansted X from the first credit pack. The Excel spreasheet shows only the above as being in FULL Mode. Not sure if I missed something.
  3. I purchased an AES credit pack for the first time in 2010 but never really got around to use this enhancement at the time. So recently I decided to start using it and bought a second credit pack. When I bought the first pack I assigned airports to it, but unfortunately I cannot remember which airports I chose at the time and made the mistake of not noting them down. Is there any way I can find out which airports I selected? In my case is not an easy job to find out using the scenery.cfg because I have some 1600 addon sceneries which for obvious reasons are not all in my scenery.cfg file. By the way tried AES yesterday on Heathrow and it was awesome. Thanks
  4. Much obliged for all the replies. Went to the Aerosoft website to register the product but kept getting error telling me email/serial was incorrect. Uninstalled PANC and reinstalled and when the launcher started it said it wasn't activated, activated online and everything now work beautifully. Not sure what went wrong first time around. Thank you.
  5. James, Thanks for your reply. My graphics settings are 1920x1080 Native resolution. AA x16 AFx16 (AA turned off in FS9), etc. Have had no issues with any other scenery. I have now looked further and have found that in addition to some missing posts a whole terminal seems also to be missing. Have attached 2 screenshots. Looks as if I may have to remove the scenery and reinstall. Will let you now.
  6. Great airport by the way....but finding lighting all over the place with no posts supporting them, i.e. lighting is floating in mid-air. Any ideas? regards Joaquin
  7. Thanks for your reply Mathijs, That's great news.
  8. Will there be an FS9 version for those of us who can't afford to run FSX? Thanks and regards Joaquin
  9. Tried to access the Forum for the above and it appears it doesn't exist anymore, then after a short search found another post in Avsim directing me here for support. Is this the support forum for this aircraft? What's happened to D.A.? What about the patches, etc. Any info much appreciated. Thanks Joaquin
  10. I've got the NL2000 V3 and Cloud9 versions of the airport. Wanted to know if this version does fit well in the NL2000 V3 scenery. So far the only way to enjoy this excellent photoreal scenery was to use the NL2000 version of EHAM, Cloud 9 was totally incompatible. Your airport sure looks great and if it does work with NL2000 this would be the icing in the cake for The Netherlands and I'm sure much appreciated by many, not least me. Also got Mega Frankfurt but only the first version, is there a discount for someone like me wanting to upgrade? Thanks
  11. Thanks for your reply Thomas. I had googled this error and have Windows Update disabled both in the settings panel and as a service. However this procedure does not resolve the issue and installation continues to return same error. Oh well....I cannot think of anything else.
  12. Purchased Flight Keeper VA version back in 2005 and then upgraded to 2.7 - Want to upgrade to the latest VA version, but finding the whole process rather confusing. Using the update facility on the 2.7 version I downloaded file: AS_FSFK_301.zip which I then proceded to install on my computer (Vista Ultimate 64 SP2) but kept getting an error at the end of the installation process: Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly of Microsoft.VC80.CRT, public keytoken=1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b", type="Win32", version=8.0.50727.762, processor architecture="X86", Please refer to help and support for more information. Any idea what this error is all about? Does the new version not support Vista 64? - Version 2.7 installed just fine without any problems. Where can I download the latest VA version How do I go about obtaining the reduced price upgrade option? Any help much appreciated. Thanks Joaquin
  13. Thanks for your reply Waleed, I think I'll wait until the new version comes out. Joaquin
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