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  1. Just out of curiousity, has anyone tested this scenery with the PMDG NGX and another scenery developer's LAX? How was the performance? Thanks, James
  2. I'm hoping for Boston, Philadelphia, DC, and Baltimore
  3. The below larger US airports have either never been made, are not in production, or need a remake in FSX. In my opinion, I think most of these will sell quite well if they can be made. Newark Liberty Intl (KEWR) Houston Intercontinental (KIAH) Seattle - Tacoma Intl (KSEA) Portland Intl (KPDX) Baltimore - Washington Intl (KBWI) Washington National (KDCA) Lambert St. Louis Intl (KSTL) Orlando Intl (KMCO) Minneapolis - St. Paul Intl (KMSP) Sorry I can't be much help with gaining access to any of these or any airports for that matter. Keep up the great work Aerosoft!
  4. Hello, Has anyone heard if there is a timeline for the next city from US Cities X? James
  5. I am dying to find out what the other "almost finished" cities will be. I am hoping for Boston and DC but will be happy with whatever is released. One of the reasons why I made the switch to FSX was because of the US Cities X series. Great work Sascha. James
  6. Shaun, I was not pressing the Chrono button after applying take off power...the aircraft now climbs like a rocket. Could that have really been the issue? What does the Chrono button do exactly? Thanks again, James
  7. Lazza,

    Did anyone ever get back to you regarding the slow climb out speed and slow cruise speed? I just purchased this product and I am having the same problem. In addition, I can't override the speed problem using the selected mode either. The plane just seems to fly at the speed it wants. Aerosoft has not even looked at my support request.



  8. My MCDU does not allow me to change the speed/alt contrainsts for some reason, in fact there are a lot of things withing the MCDU that I should be able to change such as the accel. height, app speed, etc... I must admit I'm really bummed as this plane seems to have a lot of bugs. Fortunately I do not have the throttle problem like most but I am having problems with: 1. aircraft speed - aircraft will not comply when in selected mode and it never reaches cruise speed even if its managed 2. the aircraft loses power during climbout which causes the plane to stall 3. the FBW does not seem to work as it should especially during climb out (this could be more of a loss of power problem than anything). Does anyone have any thoughts. This plane is an absolute beaut and the frames are excellent. I really want to fly this more but I feel I may have to shelve this until a patch for the above comes out. I fly the Wilco bus as well and do not have any of these problems.
  9. Hello, The problem I am having is the aircraft will only fly at 250KTS. From takeoff to 10,000 the plane works as it should, after 10,000 the plane will lower its nose to accelerate, however, the speed remains at 250KTS up to cruise and then remains at 250KTS (in managed mode). If I pull the speed knob out to select mode and adjust the speed that way, it still reamins at 250KTS. Any thoughts? Thanks, James
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