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  1. Still no native support for TCA addon, i'll go fishing in other waters..
  2. Hello Craig, In absence of a reply, this is my interpretation of the F/CTL SPD BRK STILL OUT ECAM warning: If you get to high on the computed (FMGC) descent path and speed brakes are not extended: - "MORE DRAG" will be displayed on PFD and MCDU. When regaining the descent profile, the speedbrakes should be retracted to prevent the A/THR applying thrust against speedbrakes. If the speedbrakes are not retracted, the "SPD BRK" message on the ECAM memo becomes amber. In other words, A/THR is not in idle during descent path due to pilot commanded speed brake extensio
  3. Fully agree. The climb/cruise engine sound (both on A320 and A330) is annoying and tiring. The workaround for me is to adjust speaker volume based on flightphase. I don't think that AS will invest time/money on non MSFS products, all ressources seems to be focus on the new platform.
  4. May I suggest noise reduction headset..
  5. Hello Aerosoft, A330 rudder trim is not working or animated if event is assigned to key or button. Works only with mouse input.
  6. Hello Aerosoft, Minor issue, rudder trim switch is not animated if event is assigned to a key or button. Note that rudder trim (left/right/center) is working, but not animated.
  7. Hi Mitch, Thanks you for pointing me in the right direction. My Thrustmaster flap lever is now syncronized to the sim flap lever with below FSUIPC6.ini file settings: [Axes.A320] RangeRepeatRate=10 0=1Z,256 1=1Z,U,14654,16383,65595,0 -{ Entering=FLAPS_UP }- 2=1Z,D,7436,9937,65758,0 -{ Entering=FLAPS_INCR }- 3=1Z,D,840,1864,65758,0 -{ Entering=FLAPS_INCR }- 4=1Z,D,-6844,-4414,65758,0 -{ Entering=FLAPS_INCR }- 5=1Z,D,-16384,-14601,65603,0 -{ Entering=FLAPS_DOWN }- 6=1Z,U,-9419,-6586,65759,0 -{ Entering=FLAPS_DECR }- 7=1Z,U,-712,8
  8. No ground/flight phase detection of FSUIPC Offset for Flight Phases: - FSUIPC Support Pete Dowson Modules - The simFlight Network Forums No timeframe at all? Weeks/months/years?
  9. Any progress on the flap issue or could you at least give an estimate when a sollution is expected? I purchased the add-on from the Aerosoft.com shop two and half month ago and I even spend additional 38 euro on FSUIPC, but programming with FSUIPC is not possible due to number of detents on the Aerosoft Airbus (6 detents/position for some reasons). I am a bit disapointed that no fix has been released yet, but maybe development on this product is terminated?
  10. Maybe a misplaced comment in a CRJ preview forum, but I fully agree - no need to downvote. A functional base (MSFS) is mandatory for any add-on. Happy release day guys and girls.
  11. Could you please consider that to be optional - last time I checked the right hand seat was not taken
  12. Any rule of thumb for use of wheel brakes during landing?
  13. I am currently using a modification found on MSFS forum Thrustmaster TCA throttle Quadrant Detent - 3d Printing - Self-Service / Peripherals - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums This is great stuff, but looking forward to recieve my new order tomorrow - with reverse idle function added and maybe even some more resistance on CL and FL/MCT detent..
  14. Hello all, New modification for TCA Quadrant Add-on spoiler lever can be found at shapeways.com: "Ground Spoilers arm" mod for TCA Quadrant Add-on (9VE4XATWF) by hotbso (shapeways.com) I have not received my order yet, but it seems to be another enhancement to the TM Airbus series. I belive it required full FSIUPC version to work with P3D and AS Airbus Professional family.
  15. Nice video - once again 👍👨‍✈️ Is the 'Throttle Detent Hint' a real aircraft option? At my former workplace, we had a some reports of CRJ900 flight crew forgetting to select climb thrust and thus exceeding the 5 minutes TO power limit.
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