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  1. Any luck with factory calibration? TCA_Quadrant-Throttle_Calibration.pdf (thrustmaster.com)
  2. Hi Aerosoft, Looks really cool in 4K. Nice work. I asume that the CRT reflections and MCDU screen curve are intented - is this effect related to a special view mode? Thank you.
  3. Hi Aerosoft, Have you considered to sell the CRJ MSFS version as preorder and include the CRJ P3D version as one package? This would allow us to get some CRJ hours logged before the final release.
  4. All flights on VATSIM (with or without active ATC). This is great fun.
  5. I regular update MSFS and fire it up with the default airplanes, but it appeares that latest update solves some issues, but generate new ones as well. It is not fair to compare default MSFS models with the CRJ, I know that. Really looking forward to the CRJ - and I will buy it when released and hopefully this is my way to MSFS world.
  6. I have MSFS installed and tried it only a few times, but returned to 3PD for obvious reasons. Looking forward to the CRJ release, but is MSFS ready for this?
  7. Thank you for clarification. To be honest, there is not much information on this in the A330 documentation. A330 Vol2-NormalProcedures \ After start: A Step-by-step guide on the A330 would be nice.
  8. Hello Aerosoft, A330 pitch trim is now automatically set to THS value on MCDU PERF TAKEOFF page after second engine start. Is this a new feature to reduce crew work load (and possible crew errors)? P3D v 4.5 A330 v Checklist option disabled
  9. A/THR arming and disconnect works as the real thing on my setup (P3D 4.5), when 'Autothrottle (arm)' is mapped to button 1 and 2: A/THR is armed if FCU pb is pressed or thrust levers set to FLX detent (A/THR green lightbar on and blue A/THR on FMA). A/THR is disconnected if either red disconnects buttons is pressed on TCA throttle (A/THR green lightbar off and no A/THR on FMA). And no A/THR arming if either red disconnects buttons is pressed with A/THR off (A/THR green lightbar off).
  10. Hello Aerosoft team, One question regarding weather source. Can I expect to receive VATSIM ATIS weather when VATSIM is selected as weather source? The printout is the same if Hoppie network is selected as weather source on 3rd MCDU. Please see below example. ATSU / AOC Menu / Received Messages: vPilot ATIS: Vatsim map ATIS: P3D 4.5 with A320/A330 with latest update and I use Active Sky (version 7410) as weather engine, with VATSIM online weather enabled.
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