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  1. A bit strange that TM misplaced the detents for a Airbus licensed product. Doesn't make sense, as the detents can be disabled if used on a non Airbus products. Any rumors of 3rd party modification work in progress? And any impact on Aerosoft Airbus P3D calibration/thrust lever position if detents are relocated?
  2. Good evening, Is it possible to disable Aerosoft Airbus view system and revert to Prepar3d default view system? I would like to use joystick hat switch or basic key commands (numlock on and numpad x) to look left, look right etc.
  3. Finally, I managed to setup the quadrant for use on Aerosoft Airbus P3D v4.5 (with help from the forum, thank you guys 👍), and it definitely enhances the sim flying experience, although the device it is not perfect. Detents are way too soft and the IDLE to CL range is too narrow compared to CL to MCT/FLEX and MCT/FLEX to TOGA range. The real Airbus has 25 degrees thrust lever angle between IDLE and CL, and only 10 degrees between CL and MCT/FLEX, as simulated very well by Aerosoft 😉. I would prefer more manual authority in IDLE to CL range on the controller (and less authority in CL to MCT/FLE
  4. Re-installed latest drivers and rebuild the configuration file. All good now. Thank you for support.
  5. I even tried to install the old TM driver version, but without any change..
  6. Q: Hm, ok. Is the indication of the x and y axis as expected in the game controller dialog? A: Yes. No green bars with thrust levers in full reverse position. Approx. 33% at idle position, 50% at CL position and 100% in TOGA. (% = green bars). Full reverse: Idle: CL: TOGA: Q: Is there an option to delete calibration in P3D? Just another possibility. A: No. 'Remove Calibrations' is only available in 'Raw Input' mode. Direct Input: Raw Input:
  7. No. Calibration in P3D is not possible when 'DirectInput' is selected. TM Flight Control Panel program opens when P3D 'Calibrate Device' is selected.
  8. Thank you for reply Masterhawk. I have changed the input method to 'DirectInput': And now the TM calibration/test programs opens directly when P3D calibration is selected: But I am still struggeling with syncronization of device lever physical position and game lever postion. Offset: Device thust lever at full reverse = game thrust lever idle Device thrust lever at idle = game thrust lever between '0' and 'CL' (47% N1) Device thrust lever at 'CL' detent = game thrust lever just below 'CL' (76% N1) Furthermore,
  9. Same issue here. Unable to calibrate throttle levers with Thrustmaster firmware 1.56. Engines are running at Idle when full reverse is selected and at 45-46% N1 in Idle detent. Any other key mapping needed for reverse thrust (eg. virtual buttons)?
  10. Looking forward to recieve my pre-order, and thank you for the setup instruction. Any first impressions on the quadrant? Brgds
  11. Hello Aerosoft, Any update on Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition release date Brgds
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