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  1. Hello, Maybe not the right place for this question, but can anybody please recommend a weather machine/add-on (frame rate friendly) for Prepard3D version 4. Best regards
  2. Hello, A new installer is available for Aerosoft Updater v1.3.0.1. Can be downloaded from my shop account. Where can I find the latest version? and is full download and install required or can the latest updater version be downloaded as stand alone? My shop account: Best regard
  3. Hello Shaun Who cares about fuel flow, if the aircracf is completely uncontrollable? Please reply. Brgds
  4. Airbus X isn't a bit enjoyable to fly, actually it is completely uncontrollable. Pitch and thrust model is very bad simulated. If the AP could add up for the manual flying bugs, this could be a mediocre product. But the AP is a joke. Airbus X is disaster - actually i prefer to fly the Microsoft A320...........
  5. Airbus X Auto Thrust have one major flaw compared to the real Airbus. When A/THR is active on the real Airbus, thrust is limited to Thrust Lever position. In other words, the pilot is able to limit A/THR by adjusting thrust levers, from CL to IDLE detent range. This could be usefull during descent, Airbus X A/THR is way to high, idle is never reached...... In the autothrust mode (A/THR function active), the FMGC computes the thrust, which is limited to the value corresponding to the thrust lever position (unless the alpha-floor mode is activated).
  6. The Flight Directors, pitch and roll bar, does not work correct in AirbusX, when Auto Flight is in FD mode only (AP not engaged and FD selected on FCU). Normal operation of FD bars is to guide the pilot to follow pitch and roll bars, based upon selected FD modes - NAV, HDG SEL, ALT ect. When performing a take off the FD bars does not corospond to active Autoflight mode or mode change eg. from TO made to NAV. When disengaging AP during approach the FD bars iscompletely removed from PFD, normally when disengaging AP the FD mode remains active for pilot guidance. Please fix this bug in next upgrade. Brgds Auto Flight AP FD Mode.pdf
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