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  1. I've had exactly the same problem with A330 v1.0.1.0. I found the product xml file (and all the Livery Manager stuff that was installed with the A330) on my C Drive. As far as Windows 10 is concerned my Documents folder is on D drive (as are all my P3Dv4 addons), but the A330 v1.0.1.0 installer has other ideas. edit: note I was using the corrected installer, dated 15 May.
  2. I just installed the A330 v1.0.1. That created a shortcut to the Aerosoft Livery manager but if I try and open it I get an unhandled exception error. If I choose continue it shows the livery manager but with no installed liveries. Error details attached. This seems to be related the installer adding files to an incorrect Documents folder. My Documents folder is on Drive D, but the AS installer is creating a folder on the default drive C. The installer created a folder named: D:\Users\Kevin\Documents\Aerosoft\LiveryInstaller but put nothing inside it, however it also created this folder C:\Users\Kevin\Documents\Aerosoft\LiveryInstaller and put the contents there. If I manually copy the files from C drive to the correct location on D and edit the shortcut accordingly the Livery Manager opens and finds my A330 and CRJ aircraft and liveries. It seems the installer finds the correct Documents folder to install things (including the A330 itself) but for a few things it decides it can't find it and creates another folder in the default location. The installer for A330 v1.0.0.8 put everything in the correct place, as did the installer for the CRJ. unhandled exception details.txt
  3. After push and start I completed the after start flow but the after start checklist never began. What item(s) trigger(s) the checklist to commence? I even tried clicking the LSK next to AFTER START on the checklist page in CDU3. In the end I succeeded by pressing "START PUSH", initiating another pushback/start cycle. Once that completed the After Start checklist was initiated. It would be useful if this page could always act as a manual reset of the checklist system in case it gets lost. You shouldn't have to go back a step. I had already moved the start selector to NORM, but when the checklist got to that point it hung until I moved the switch to IGN/START and back to NORM. It seems sometimes the checklist expects things to be "read and do" other times it lets you run the flow first then check.
  4. Thanks Dave, once the product has matured I'll edit the camera settings. I don't like the Views system, but will use it in the meantime. It isn't a matter of opinion though, Aerosoft is wrong to do this. F9 is the default key to select the VC view and making it something else breaks that longstanding convention for no good reason except someone decided another view (similar to an old 2D panel view) is more useful.
  5. At the moment clicking the top of either the Capt or FO MCDU brings up the "settings" MCDU 2D popup. I think it would be much more useful if it opened the MCDU you clicked on. All the MCDUs are available as 2D popups but there is no clickspot to bring them up quickly. Obviously the settings MCDU would then need it's own clickspot. The current setup is not intuitive, whereas opening each MCDU with a clickspot on that MCDU would be. Similarly ECAM upper and lower have 2D popup views, but no clickspot to open them, unlike the PFD. There seems to be no 2D popup at all for the ND which is a great shame.
  6. Pressing F9 does not return the view to the VC, as it should but shows GLARESHIELD MAIN PANEL. It's very useful to be able to quickly return to the VC view using F9 and I think the A330 Pro should follow this convention.
  7. The instructions didn't work for me. I'm running Windows XP so right clicking the image did not give me a "copy image path" option. I tried right clicking the link under the image and pasting that, but I got a hyperlink instead which wouldn't display as an image. The following procedure worked for me: 1. Right click the link under the image and select "copy shortcut" to copy the path to the clipboard. 2. Open up new notepad document and paste the path into it. 3. Add image tags " before and after path text (no spaces of course). 4. Copy and paste the path complete with tags into signature.
  8. I had the same problem the first time I powered up the A300. Everything was fine until I selected the APU generator ON, when all the lights went out, although electrical meters were showing volts and amps as expected. Of course it may have been a coincidence and the battery ran out just as I switched the GEN on. I tried connecting the external power but this made no difference although the ground cart model appeared externally and external power showed in the electrical panel (apart from EXTERNAL POWER lights). I had just reinstalled FSX, and realised I hadn't reinstalled FSUIPC. I did so, restarted FSX and the electrical power worked fine. I don't know whether FSUIPC was the problem or if it was FSX flat battery syndrome.
  9. Just installed version 1.2 of the A300 and I'm very impressed, especially by the sounds which are very true to the real thing. I've worked on simulators for the real aircraft so it's quite a familiar flightdeck to me. A few of issues stood out which aren't too major but would be good to get fixed. 1. The START VALVE OPEN lights cycle on then off when the start system is armed. The Tutorial says this indicates the start valves transitting from closed to open. Arming the start system doesn't move the start valves, so they shouldn't open at that point. Also, the VALVE OPEN lights show valve position, not disagreement, IIRC. The VALVE OPEN light should illuminate when the valve opens after the start pushbutton is pressed, extinguishing when N2 exceeds 45%. This is how the start procedure in the Simcheck documentation describes operation as well, also the Quickstart guide agrees it is the start pushbuttons which illuminate briefly as the system is armed, not the VALVE OPEN lights. Regarding the engine start, the run up to idle is much better than the default FSX jet simulation, with no unrealistic overshoots, but really should be slower for more realism. Time to idle for a CF6 is typically around 50 seconds. I realise FSX limitations may be an issue here. 2. The autopilot vertical speed selection should track current vertical speed, so that when V/S is selected it holds the current value, rather than going to whatever happens to be selected as happens now. It's easy enough to match the selected V/S to the current value but you should have to do that, 3. Switching APU to standby control should illuminate the STBY ON light. None of the lights on the APU panel seem to be driven by the simulation, but I guess this is a trade off for more important systems. A very minor point, in the Panel Overview, for the overhead panel item 14 is labelled "Pneumatic controls panel". It is of course the hydraulic servo controls panel which controls hydraulic pressure to the flight control servos, one lever for each hydraulic system. This is a great flight and systems simulation overall. Kevin
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