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  1. Thanks Dave, once the product has matured I'll edit the camera settings. I don't like the Views system, but will use it in the meantime. It isn't a matter of opinion though, Aerosoft is wrong to do this. F9 is the default key to select the VC view and making it something else breaks that longstanding convention for no good reason except someone decided another view (similar to an old 2D panel view) is more useful.
  2. At the moment clicking the top of either the Capt or FO MCDU brings up the "settings" MCDU 2D popup. I think it would be much more useful if it opened the MCDU you clicked on. All the MCDUs are available as 2D popups but there is no clickspot to bring them up quickly. Obviously the settings MCDU would then need it's own clickspot. The current setup is not intuitive, whereas opening each MCDU with a clickspot on that MCDU would be. Similarly ECAM upper and lower have 2D popup views, but no clickspot to open them, unlike the PFD. There seems to be no 2D popup at all for the ND which is a great shame.
  3. Pressing F9 does not return the view to the VC, as it should but shows GLARESHIELD MAIN PANEL. It's very useful to be able to quickly return to the VC view using F9 and I think the A330 Pro should follow this convention.
  4. Thanks Hans, good news. Any idea when will be out?
  5. Any news about this issue?
  6. Thanks @JRBarrett, I found the updater and ran it. Good to be able to forget about getting updates from third parties.
  7. PC Aviator download link have now updated to v1.2. The latest v1.2.2 isn't yet available, have those files been released yet to third party suppliers yet? Their support doesn't reply. Can you contact them please?
  8. @Hans Hartmann with due respect to @GEK_the_Reaper, it's not my starting procedure which is the issue. Yes the fuel boost pumps are on. Even if they weren't that shouldn't stop the start valves opening. The problem has always been that you can't get the engines to crank if the panel state is not exactly correct. The hint to make cold and dark the default panel state helps, but in my case I had to select cold and dark AGAIN after loading the CRJ to enable the starter logic to work properly. Not a big issue, but it would be nice if it could be fixed. I'm using CRJ v1.200 in P3Dv4.3. I'm still waiting for the very latest download version from my third party supplier.
  9. I tried setting Cold and Dark as the default state but I found I still had to select cold and dark state again after loading to get the sim to work properly (engine starts, etc).
  10. Thanks Hans, hopefully test mode will get implemented eventually. The WXR display is static in bearing (though the shapes and colours do vary). I've attached a video of what Active Sky weather looks like on the ND. When rain returns first appear they are roughly in the correct relative position. If you change aircraft heading the returns remain at the same bearing on the ND. Comparing with the ASP4 map the visual images of storm clouds correlates well, the WXR display bears little relationship to ASP4 once heading changes are made. I tried turning the WXR off and then on but this does not "reset" the bearing, returns reappear in the same incorrect bearing. However I've noticed If I reduce range to minimum and then increase it again the weather returns are drawn in the correct bearing. Hopefully this might provide a clue as to what is going on? Note, with the Aerosoft Airbus (in FSX) and PMDG and FSL addons in P3D I don't have this problem and the ND display presents returns on realistic bearings. So I don't think this is a problem with ActiveSky, but the CRJ's integration with it. CRJ-WXR.mp4
  11. Thanks for the update, Hans. Looking forward to the release of the SP.
  12. Hi Mathijs, No worries. I'm using Active Sky for P3Dv4.
  13. Is there no support for the CRJ? I raised this weeks ago and no response.
  14. Before starting engines, when you switch the boost pumps on EICAS still shows LO PRESS on both sides and the boost pump synoptics are amber, even though pressure is shown in green. LO PRESS should only show if neither boost pump pressure nor ejector pressure is available. The FCOM says the EICAS boost pump icon colour should be: Pump Off - White Pump On - Green Failure - Amber (e.g. pump should be running but isn't producing pressure). Currently the EICAS shows the colour as follows Pump Off - Amber (with engine not running) or White (with engine running) Pump On - Amber (Failure condition is not simulated) Pump status should show the pump operation and not be conditional on engine status. According to the CRJ-700/900 FCOM, the boost pumps operate together in most situations, both pumps can feed either engine. If either pump switch is armed and either engine is not running then both boost pumps will run. In the sim, before engine start both pumps run with either switch in the arm position, as per the FCOM. After the first engine start the other engine's boost pump switches off, whether the pump switch is in arm or not. The boost pump switch shows an amber inop warning. In the aircraft both pumps would still be running until both engines are started.
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