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  1. That's excactly the kind of Quick Fix I was thinking about. THANKS TOM!!! Eagle
  2. Hi, I loaded the unofficial 1.02 Twotter today, only to find the strangest default view so far in fsx: On the floor, just beside the pedals. And no, I haven't been drinking :?. The other views are also screwed up. Any Quick Fix for this? Eagle
  3. Will these two work together, and do you have any recomandations for priority in the scenery settings? Eagle
  4. I know about those, but I was looking for a complete FSX specific set. The link in that thread points to a FS9 set with fewer textures than the FSX model. Eagle
  5. Hi, I would like to try the low res textures for the Dornier, but where do I download? Eagle
  6. Good to have it back! But where are the low res textures to replace from the config editor? Eagle
  7. Shaun, any ideas :?:
  8. New super-pc Dag? I guess Photoshop is running very fast on that one Come on Dag, paint the Beech and do Kofi and me a big favour. I have a suggestion: You paint it as if it was brand new, then hand the .psd file over to me, and I'll make a rusty, weary old version. Then we get two new paints made in Norway . What do you say? Kofi, very cool paint you found there ... Eagle
  9. He he, that's funny! This is not a baloon Shawn Anyway: Pilot: 165 Co-polot: 165 Passenger Seat: 0 Passenger Seat: 0 Mid R: 200 Mid L: 200 Aft R: 250 Aft L: 250 Tail: 300 Eagle
  10. Hi, have anyone noticed that long after touchdown, after the tailwheel is down and all wheels spinning, the plane is still hovering some inches over the runway? Here's an example: Eagle
  11. That's a nice paint Dag! With your style and class I'm sure you could make an awesome Twin Beech with more of a style like the Beaver below, B U T with this in mind: 1. Cool: Spare part from another plane (tail fin) 2. Not so cool: Weathering a bit overdone With more detailed and varied work, but the same general approach I think you could have fun making a rusty 18 . Eagle
  12. Dag you´re THE painter, so I can understand why you like the hog. Just a brief look at Vin's latest screenies leaves no doubt, Aerosoft did a good job with that model. Actually I have decent system with a nVidia 7800GT and AMD Athlon 3500+. The texture loading time is not the worst part either (on my old system it was), the gauge refresh rate is the reason why I don't feel like flying the hog. Which again is no big deal, there are other planes to fly . Btw, have you considered making a paint for the Beech 18? How about a really weary rugged and rusty bush Beech for smugglers. It would make a different challenge for you i guess, your paints are usually very detailed and well done, but also very new and shiny . Just a thought ... Eagle
  13. Good point Kofi Superuser with strange name and 18 pixel high fonts . I would certainly hope that too! Of course I would welcome a "New VC Tech" F18 from Aerosoft or any other high end addon developer for that matter. I must admit though (although, as I said, it is not THAT critical) I was a bit surprised when the Twin Beech came with 6 vc sections, I have only kept 4 of them in order to get acceptable refresh rate. Eagle
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