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  1. Thank you for this! I am looking forward to flying it around in the sim.
  2. Version FSX


    This is a repaint for the Huey X UH-1 model in the colors of the Chelan County Fire Department's Huey, N911MR.
  3. Version FSX


    This is repaint representing the County of Los Angeles Fire Department Bell 205 N15LA. Enjoy!
  4. Version FSX


    This repaint represents a Vancouver Island Helicopters Bell 205, C-FVIH.
  5. Version FSX


    This is another US registered Bell 205. It operates in the UK I believe however.
  6. Version FSX


    This is a civilian, US registration for the Bell 205.
  7. I did up a couple civilian schemes for the 205 based on real aircraft schemes found on I'll get them uploaded to the library in the next couple days.
  8. I have found that there are new texture sheets after the update and am wondering what the differences are. For instance, there is a sheet named and another named I have just curious about what that was done for.
  9. I hadn't gotten around to installing the update yet (school studies have me otherwise occupied) but I am definitely excited about this change. It will definitely make my next repaint a bit quicker.
  10. I started working on changing the panel color to give it more of the civilian look for the 205 model for my personal use. May I have permission to upload these to the files library when I am done?
  11. 589 downloads

    This repaint represents the UH-1H on which my father served as Crew Chief in Vietnam. He doesn't have very many good pictures of the actual aircraft so this is the best representation I could come up with after talking to him and doing some research. He said his didn't have the orange and green stripe across the top but from what I read that the stripes were supposed to be a standard feature during that particular year. I thought it looked nice so I decided to leave it. I hope you enjoy this repaint.
  12. Here is my first repaint for this fantastic bird. 16521 is the UH-1H that my Dad served as Crew Chief on in Vietnam.
  13. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the great looking Huey. I purchased my copy this evening and took it out for a couple short flights already. Very nice, it's good to have an FSX UH-1 finally (never tried the other one). So my first repaint of the new bird is going to be in the colors of the UH-1H, the "Fabulous Blue 7" that my father was a crew chief on in Vietnam. Thanks again . This is Dad's Aircraft Commander In flight This is Dad *edited for grammar*
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