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  1. Dave, there currently is a cav aviation brigade here as well as 4th battallion 160th SOAR(A). I did 2.5 years active here ending in 2009 and have been working for the regiment as a civilian maintainer ever since. There's talk of them bringing another brigade down from alaska too. Ft. Lewis is getting crowded!
  2. Thank you for that. And if I need support I will use the forum for that purpose. I am not banishing myself, that would be silly. I simply will not be putting any more constructive or unconstructive criticism/opinions on this forum. My best intentions seemed to only irritate staff and inflame egos on both sides of a line I did not mean to draw.
  3. Still work on Lewis. Contractor.
  4. I would like to officially apologize to the aerosoft community for my remarks about the huey tailboom and the argument that ensued. My pride got the better of me and my behavior was unacceptable. Please accept this and let bygones be bygones. I have no intention of posting here again as I seem to have personality conflicts with individuals on this forum. If anyone has anything additional to say to me feel free to pm me.
  5. Honestly, I am really not as upset with you as I am with Finn and Snave, whos remarks REALLY got me fired up. They were not helpful in the slightest (considering the topic) and seemed designed to needle me unnecissarily. I understand they were defending the product, but seriously? Some maturity is definitely in dire need on this forum. I really do not think my observation and remark warranted the response I got, and now that this is over, I will probably be taking my opinions elsewhere. I have never had developers react with this much ferocity to criticism (and I am pretty liberal with my criticism wherever I post). I try to make it constructive, and I understand all the hard work that goes into these products. As far as my reference picture, I was simply using that as an example. I know it is small. I picked a small one so it would not croud the screen. There are bigger ones out there. But at this point it doesnt matter. I would NEVER try and treat you like you are a slave, and at no point did I DEMAND a fix or any other services. About the only thing that I demand is a shred of respect. If I get it, I will surely return it. Seeing as this is ending on a more pleasant note than it got started, and seeing that the bottom line has finally been reached, I bid you all a good day. Regards, Scott P.S. How is it that P i s s e d is censored, but damned is not? This forum is screwy since they updated it. And I do miss the (-) button on people's comments. I know every one of my comments would have been doused in red
  6. You complain about me not having a signature, but then you write "Best regards" after slamming me. Is that a joke? Also, others have criticised me for using language that was filtered. Let me ask you: What does "####es" mean? I picked that particular photo of a Huey because it was of a similar scheme, and it was a side view. The distance should not make a lick of difference. You can clearly see that the tailboom is longer on the real huey than it is on your model. I understand how it must be frustrating to get criticised all the time. I really do understand, but the only reason this discussion has taken the turn that it has is because those of you that have involved yourself in this discussion have been so defensive, rude, and argumentative that it just made me want to argue the point that much more. You ARE arrogant. Every statement you have made so far as smacked of arrogance. Saying that I am because I choose not to put my real name here for privacy purposes is rediculous. Your whole argument is flawed and a little childish. In the meantime, I have found several people who think the tailboom (among other things) is incorrect: http://youtu.be/eJlh5c-4yKs, http://youtu.be/7aXKhJdf6Vw, http://www.hovercont...=ST;f=1;t=19570; But why should the burden of proof be on me? If you are so sure your huey is accurate, why don't you show me a scaled side view of your model, with measurements (surely you must have one, that is how you build the model, correct?) and compare it with a diagram of a real Huey such as this: I don't know what data you used to make the model, but either it was incorrect, or you just did not pay too close attention to it. I don't think I'm right. I know I am. I can tell you exactly where your problem area is. It's where the cabin starts to curve down in the back and meet witht the tail boom. The overal lenght of the helicopter is correct, but the tailboom is short and the cabin is too long. And you know what? I think you know it too. If you are not going to fix it. Fine. I understand. What I don't understand is why you all have felt so compelled to ridicule and debase my initial comment? You are all just asking for an argument. Did I mistake this as the forum of a professional developer? If you want to drop the subject, that's fine. This is not going anywhere. I would ask for an apology, but I know I won't get one. I will offer mine: I am sorry I criticised your model. I am sorry that you chose to get defensive over it. I am sorry that your defensive comments made me think you are arrogant. And most importantly, I am sorry that "other things" in your life might be "too short". For (hopefully) the last time. It's not that big a deal: Don't get your panties in a wad. It amazes me that all of this rhetoric has come out of my original comment. Best regards, Scott Swanberg (is that better?)
  7. I DID notice it right away. I just was not too concerned with it. In fact, it wasn't that big a deal at all until this all got blown up after my remark, which was meant as a simple question. I already got the answer to that question from Joachim: "Common... you're the only one who complains, and noone else says, you're right. So your word agaings many hundred infact even thousands, so why should we change it? Because of you? And then many hundred people will complain that their tail boom is too long? No, really, no!" So at this point, I am really only trying to defend my point. Why? Pride I guess. The same reason you are trying to poke any hole that you can in my argument instead of admit that there is a flaw in your precious product. In the meantime, I will gather whatever evidence I can to prove to you that people have noticed that the tailboom is short. Happy? I always love a good.... umm... urinating contest (you gonna ban that word too?). Considering how staunchly I have defended this product in the past months, maybe a criticism from me should be taken with at least a shred of respect. Once again, I apologize for my tone in the initial comment. I realized too late that my "urinating in the wind" comment had been taken the wrong way, but you guys can't just quash people's opinions like you have been. It's bad PR and bad business. I would have been perfectly satisfied with a reply like "Sorry, at this stage it would require too much work to make any changes to the Huey." That would have answered my question, satisfied my curiosity and I would have shut up and gone back to flying my Huey with a short tail boom. But instead you feel the need to make me look like an idiot. Till next time.
  8. So, the silence of thousands against the voice of one? Ok. Whatever dude. Just because no one bothered to mention that the boom is too short (either because they don't know any better, or because they don't care, or because they don't participate in these forums, or any other number of reasons) does not mean that no one has noticed. You want me to step up to the plate? I'll prove it to you. What would it take to get you to admit that the tailboom is short? How many opinions? You want thousands? I couldn't do that. But I WILL get you at least a half dozen. Maybe more. I like your product, and I have alot of respect for you as a developer. You did some really cool things with the Huey. It pains me that your arrogance in this matter is forcing us to argue. You may be a great developer, but I have worked around Hueys for the balance of my adult life. I know what they look like. You're Huey's tail boom is too short. I don't even expect you to fix it. At this point I just want you to admit that it's not to scale with the rest of the fuselage.
  9. Consider this my official apology. It won't happen again.
  10. I'm not gonna go that far to make a point, but feel free to dig through Hovercontrol.com's forum and read up on what the FS helicopter community thinks of the AS Huey. The vast majority blew it off right away and are waiting patiently for the Dodo Huey. And you can check out my youtube account, just look for Aerosoft Huey X autorotation tutorial, find my profile and read the remarks. There's at least one reference to the short tail boom on there. Why are you guys being babies about this? The tailboom is short. Just thought I would point that out. You are either going to fix it or you are not. At this point I really don't care. End of discussion.
  11. Note: Carried over from another thread. Sorry I complained in the wrong place . Tailboom is too short:
  12. Well just so you know, I tried to give you a negative too. Works both ways I guess . Cheers!
  13. If I had noticed based on aircraft development pictures that the tail boom was too short I surely would have said something. Unfortunately I did not notice. Are you saying that if I had posted this in the initial release issue thread your response would have been different? If so then let me move the thread to where it belongs. My mistake! It's still a great helicopter and if you don't change it I will still fly it happily. I just did not know if you knew that was a flaw or not, and considering I had not seen any comments about it on the forum, I did not know if you were even aware of the innacuracy. I have seen MANY comments about it on other forums and on youtube. There are quite a few people who did not buy the product because of it. I also don't understand why you are being so defensive. I did not intend my comment to be rude. In fact, I have defended your product quite a bit when others trashed it. As far as my language in my last post, I did not realize that a slang for urinating would be blocked. It's not like I said a slang for copulating. It's a common phrase where I am from and I did not intend it as an insult. In any case, I will take your response as a negative and move on. Have a nice day.
  14. I suppose asking for a rebuild of the visual model is a bit much to ask for, but the tailboom and aft end of the cabin section are not correct in dimension. This is something alot of us noticed right away and decided to overlook because of the other wonderful details about the huey. It is a bit annoying to look at though as it is obviously incorrect. Has any consideration of this been taken? Or am I just ###### in the wind?
  15. Tim, you are the MAN! Thank you for doing both of my requests! Great job too! They both look great in my hanger.
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