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  1. In my pre-flight CDU setup I always set two "Fixes" based on the rule of three, I will normally set a "Fix" for the TOD, for example if I am cruising at 32,000 and my arrival airport is KLGA I will set KLGA and a radius of 96 miles (32,000 - landing elevation / 1,000 X 3) and I will set a second radii at KLGA 10 miles. For LGA which is basically sea level, this gives me two circles on the ND, the first is my approximate TOD and the second is my approximate 10,000' crossing, these are not exact but they at least give me a visual reference if the TOD does not show on the ND. I am not sure if there is a way to pull the distance to destination from the MSFS Simconnect, this may be a way that a generic TOD calculation can be done sort of how I show it on the ND.
  2. I have the list that has been published on here before but I could not find anything other that what was in my first post. I just thought that since the EFB is sending commands to MSFS that it must be sending via LVAR's. My example is the chocks, I know that the EFB is simulating the chocks by using the Parking brake but if you do not push the chock button on the EFB it will not let you release the Parking Brake via Mouse, Keyboard or LVAR. This made me think that there has to be some sort of command sent to MSFS to override the other commands, and thus possibly undocumented LVAR's. Thanks again,
  3. The newest version of the Beta released on 12/7 is having issues with the WASM module for the FBW A320 and it looks like it may also be affecting the CRJ here is the link to the other post on how some have temporarily fixed it. I do not have the latest Beta installed yet I have been waiting for the dust to settle before updating, I am still on version.
  4. Is this the CRJ 700? What is your flap setting and approach speed? Normal glide slope is -3.0 degrees which is approximately -700 to -800 fps as a general rule of thumb. If you are slower than Vref speed which can be between 135-140 knts (The EFB will tell you your Vref speed at your current weight) with full flaps she is going to have a vertical speed lower than -700 to -800 and once you get -900 VS the warnings will begin. After you are properly trimmed and in landing configuration, adjustments to the throttle should be used to increase or decrease your vertical speed to maintain a descent rate of -700 to -800 not necessarily pitch. Remember there is no Auto Throttle for this aircraft so you have to fly her to the tarmac, even on APP mode you must maintain control of your throttles to control the descent rate otherwise the AP will try to use pitch to control the descent rate and things go south quickly as you bleed off speed.
  5. I am trying to find the LVAR's for Power On, GPU Connection, and Chocks controls on the EFB, has anyone been able to find them in the LVAR list? I am using AAO. I have tried the below after I manually switched the screen on, but did not seem to work: 1 (>L:ASCRJ_F2C_GPU_TRIGGER, Number) 1 (>L:ASCRJ_F2C_CHOCKS_TRIGGER, Number) Thanks,
  6. Sorry, I have not seen this, I was able to start the APU as normal last night after I updated. Aerosoft One update version, not Marketplace.
  7. Not sure why but after I updated the CRJ last night all is working as expected,
  8. After updating last night I can see that the seat position is in fact now correct (Based on the positioning balls) but the HUD Ladder is still incorrect with the collimation implemented and stuck to the horizon (The horizon zero pitch bar is in the same position that it was in prior to seat adjustment and collimation). It actually appears that the entire VC needs to be rotated down by a couple of degrees to emulate the proper negative pitch of the aircraft on the ground, this would also correct the ladder while in Cruise and Landing. I do love the collimated effect, using Smoothtrack the simulation is spot on, flying the aircraft was great but the symbols were way too low on the HUD when in correct pitch and trim for TO, landing, and cruise. Thanks,
  9. I have not updated my CRJ yet so have not been able to see for myself, since the collimation is now incorporated has the proper pitch ladder position and the default seat height been corrected for the collimated HUD? Thanks,
  10. I am new to AAO, but I have used FSUIPC MACRO's in the past, I am running into an issue where some complex scripts work but the non-complex ones do not. All scripts Test ok in the script editor but only the complex work when assigned to a button press. The first example for APU_Start is a script that works, but Landing_ON does not (Again Tests ok but will not work when assigned to a button). No other assignments are set to the buttons either in AAO or M$, I am using the EXE.EXE file to launch AAO at M$ start. I am using SU7 with latest Rev of AAO and Bravo Throttle, any help is appreciated, Working APU_Start 10 (>L:ASCRJ_APU_PWRFUEL_ANIM, Number) 1 (>L:ASCRJ_APU_PWRFUEL, Number) (SLEEP:250) 0 (>L:ASCRJ_APU_PWRFUEL_ANIM, Number) (SLEEP:3000) 10 (>L:ASCRJ_APU_STARTSTOP_ANIM, Number) 1 (>L:ASCRJ_APU_STARTSTOP, Number) (SLEEP:250) 1 (>L:ASCRJ_APU_STARTSTOP_ANIM, Number) Not Working Landing_ON 1 (>L:ASCRJ_OVHD_LDG_LEFT, Number) 1 (>L:ASCRJ_OVHD_LDG_NOSE, Number) 1 (>L:ASCRJ_OVHD_LDG_RIGHT, Number) 1 (>L:ASCRJ_TQ_REV1_MODE, Number) 1 (>L:ASCRJ_TQ_REV2_MODE, Number) Thank you, Jeremy
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