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  1. mike81

    EDDT V1.03

    Hi Heinz, I just re-downloaded it from the X-Plane Org shop and you are correct, its now version 1.03. Strange they never published it on their updates page as this is the page I was checking since I first posted here. This may also catch out other customers who have purchased your product. https://store.x-plane.org/Updates_ep_32.html Anyway thank you for all your help, much appreciated. Mike.
  2. mike81

    EDDT V1.03

    Any news from your product managers? They still don't have the updated version on the x-plane store. From the previous email I received from them they haven't responded any further. Thanks,
  3. mike81

    EDDT V1.03

    Thanks, I would appreciate that.
  4. mike81

    EDDT V1.03

    Okay thank's for the reply, I contacted the X-Plane 11 shop and they told me this - The version on the store is the latest they have sent us. Some developers hold back new versions for a week or so until they are sure there are no bugs. Regards, Voidhawk9 X-plane.org So you say them, they say you? This doesn't help. When I download it again, its the exact same size as the original EDDT and mentions nothing about being updated. Plus it's not appearing updated on their updates page.
  5. I would like to download the EDDT V1.03 update from the X-Plane.org store, It still has the older version. How long can I expect before I can download the updated version? Thanks, Mike.
  6. I am having the same issue as the users above. Anyone know how to fix the issue yet?
  7. Hi Shaun, Thanks for the reply, I had already read that thread but there wasnt a definitive answer to whether it is actually implemented. Im guessing thats its not and will be in the advanced version from what I read from the last reply in the thread you linked. I have had the A320X since its release date and just assumed that the TCAS system would work online but i guess not. I cant work out for the life of me why a product aimed at a casual flightsim enthusiast wouldnt have online TCAS. It just makes it even more difficult for those using the product not easier. Anyway I still love this product and will continue my support of it. Thanks again, Mike.
  8. You can move to the right hand seat by using FSX default view commands. But even when you move to the right seat there is no navigational display to follow anyway.
  9. Hi, Try loading the default Cessna in 2d cockpit view at your designated airport first. Shut down the engines then try switching over to the A320X. Which operating system are you currently running? If its Windows 7 did you install the Airbus X as administrator? Hope you get it working.
  10. Hi, Im currently having trouble seeing other aircraft while flying online via vatsim/squakbox. I have searched through the forums and couldnt find a definitive answer to whether the system works or not. Is there an exact way of setting it up so it works correctly? I have no problem seeing traffic when flying offline- only online. Thanks, Mike.
  11. Hi Josh, Good luck with your end of your year finals, And thank-you for your FBW file- I love flying this plane even more now, Looking forward to your later releases. Regards, Mike.
  12. Hello, the only succesful autoland landing that has worked for me in about 12 flights is Adelaide Airport in Australia. Every other airport i have tried with Autoland has the same problems you have encountered or a very hard touchdown so i wouldnt say for sure that it's your Mega-Airports Pack that is causing the main problem. Im just going to keep experimenting and see what can be concluded. I still love flying her manually when she doesnt feel like a tank, its just Autoland would be handy for low visibility approaches etc.
  13. **sorry i was in a rush for work and thought i was editing the post on top of this one but was actually replying again lol.
  14. Im using the CH yoke only as a throttle panel for the A320X. I use the Logitech Extreme 3D pro as my Sidestick. I have small problems with the CH throttles, sometimes in flight you can hear it clicking when the throttles are set in CLB Thrust. Im trying to play around with the sensitivity at the moment. I also use the 2nd lever on top of the CH yoke to control my spoilers and i notice sometimes that after retracting them they do not return to their full retracted position visually anyway when looking at the speedbrake lever. Other than this im having no major problems with the CH yoke or Logi 3D pro. I also use the pedals from a Logitech G25 steering wheel for my rudder control. No probs as yet.
  15. I dont think he meant that. I think he means at a flex setting that sets a clb thrust for example of 89% the engines never use the full engine power on climbout even in managed climb like they should. Whats the point of setting a flex temp if the engines are not being utilised to their capacity set by the flex setting?
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