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  1. Morning all. I very much appreciate the British Airways livery for the CRJ700 that has been beautifully done by ‘China Leaf’. I’d be extremely pleased if there were a skilful artist out there who would consider doing a BA CRJ900? Love this aircraft! Mike.
  2. Hi Matts. Thanks for your work. I suspect review saying this livery doesn't work may have not realised that this one needs the CFM model? I couldn't get it to work via the texture manager but it's fine when installed manually. There are two other minor issues. 1.The registration label on the panel is for F-WWBA and not for SE-MFA 2.The thumbnail doesn't show in FSX possibly because it's a .png file? I converted it to a .jpg and all was fine. Thanks again Mike
  3. Hi Flying_Sheep. Thanks for the re-paint. Just a comment. Aerosoft have the heading info as a CFM version when of course it's an IAE engined aircraft. Perhaps it's just me but initially I was rather confused. Perhaps they could change it?
  4. Hi Mathijs. I merely posted this question to see if there had been a problem flagged up by other users that there might be an easy work around. I don't have any complaints about Aerosoft at all and certainly don't want to claim any refunds on IcelandX. As most of my flights originate in the UK I use the Earth Simulations scenery quite often and as it's an excellent piece of work I wouldn't wish to uninstall it completely. Through trial and error testing I've found that if I just deselect the Earth Sims scenery in the scenery library before flying to or from Keflavik then I can get around the problem. (It only occurs when originating or inbound to Keflavik and not to/from any other airport in Iceland). Please keep up the good work, (I'm standing by to buy the Dusseldorf scenery when released). I realise these things can occur with FSX add-ons. All the best. Mike
  5. Thanks mopperle. Just tried that and I'm afraid it doesn't solve the problem. I've tried ES above IcelandX and IcelandX above ES. Mike
  6. Hi All. I've just purchased IcelandX and Keflavik from Aerosoft and found I had a similar problem to a previous poster. The problem was that if an attempt was made to start a flight from Keflavik then FSX crashed. Well, I started on a long attempt to find out what the problem was by uninstalling and re-installing the scenery. Checking orders in the scenery library etc. Then I saw the previous post stating that they had found reference to a forum in which another IcelandX user had discovered that the problem was a confliction between IcelandX and an Earth simulations scenery. I have Earth Simulations Guernsey installed. By process of elimination I've found that the problem lies between something inside the file 'IcelandX priority 2' and the Earth Simulations Guernsey file 'EI-CS 3D library'. At this point my meagre knowledge falls down. I've found that if I de-select The EI-CS 3D library file within FSX scenery library then IcelandX will operate normally but I'd really prefer to be able to use all my preferred scenery areas ticked and useable without this problem. Any ideas? Particularly from Aerosoft and Earth Simulations? I'm going to post this on their forum too. Regards. Mike
  7. Hi. Probably something simple that I have/haven't done but....I have installed Cloud9 Bergen and everything is fine with the scenery. However, AES can't recognise it for activation. I notice that this scenery doesn't appear in the 'not installed list' within AES help but does on the written list of airports on the Aerosoft website! Can anyone help? Mike P.S. I've just realised this is my error..D'oh!
  8. Hello all. Please disregard my post. I've just found that I needed to activate the software twice. Once on installation and secondly within the seperate launcher! I've just run the Aerosoft launcher and activated Barcelona X and there they were! Mike
  9. Shaun. Please disregard my post. I've just found that I needed to activate the software twice. Once on installation and secondly within the seperate launcher! I've just run the Aerosoft launcher and activated Barcelona X and there they were! Mike
  10. Hello Shaun. Just posted in the Mega Airports forum.....I have no airbridges. Possibly me? Mike
  11. Oh yes...It's definately the FSX version, relesed today. Mike
  12. Hello All. I've just installed barcelona (FSX) and find I have no airbridges. Is this just me...Everything else appears fine! Mike
  13. That's a dissapointment. The 19L Localiser is slightly misaligned too but fortunately I've got AFX and could resolve that issue. Otherwise it's a very nice piece of work.
  14. Hi There! I've recently purchased Mega airports Stockholm Arlanda (FSX) and have a problem with the taxiway lighting. I have the latest updated version and the lighting patch installed but get this effect with the greens offset from the taxiway centreline light actual locations. Does anyone have any ideas about this? Regards. Mike
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