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  1. Chris, Thanks for your reply. I wanted to try right seat after so many years, especially with the AirbusX. I am right handed. Anyway, It'll do just fine the way it is. I look forward to more improvments along the way. I really enjoy flying the 320/321 when I want to change it up a bit now and then. Have a good night. Best, Jeff
  2. Hi there, I was wondering if the AirbusX can be flown from the right seat? I noticed that some functions are not active and I didn't know if that was by design or if I might have an issue of sorts which I doubt. For example, the Rose mode selector, distance and a couple of other things don't respond to any mouse clicks. Is there a way to turn them on in any cfg files. If not, no big deal, but this has been on my mind for a while. Thanks for your input. Best regards, Jeff
  3. Well, as usual I couldn't wait to get her and see it is indeed Version 1.22. You guys did a magnificent job on this Airbus. I don't know why I didn't get it sooner. I just fired her up on the tarmac just to check things out. The performance is extremely good so far. I hope to do a short run between KPHL and KBUF this evening. Great job again. I just can't wait to see the CRJ when it's complete. If it is anything like the VC quality and performance of the AirbusX, we are in for a real treat! Warm regards, Jeff
  4. The topic is one of my questions. I just wanted to make sure this included all updates. Also very important to me, is the FPS performance some users reported been resolved now if there really was any? I see it mentions on the product page that FPS is comparable to the default Airbus?? I wanted to purchase the AirbusX today. Thanks in advance for your help. Looking forward to this beautiful aircraft. Also the up and coming CRJ! Warm regards, Jeff
  5. Hello everyone, It says on the AirbusX product page: * Frame rates: Frame rates are comparable to default FSX airbus (that has 1/5th the polygons and almost no detailed systems). However, after reading all the posts, all of a sudden it seems alot of folks are having FPS issues now that the product has been updated. I don't want to spend money on something that is going to be not used. I have two other add ons: PMDG J4100 & Carenado Caravan. The 4100 just runs ok and the only reason for that is the DEVs included a configurator that allows the customer to adjust refresh rates for each system. If it wasn't for that I would not be able to use it. It seems the Airbus does not, and that concerns me now that the original frame rate statement on the product page seems not as acurate anymore and the customer cannot adjust anything. Isn't there a way to make a configurator for the airbus, then each user can set it up for their own system performance? I really like the way the Airbus looks and now I don't know what to do about purchasing it. Please don't beat me up here, I just want to know overall if there is a solution or a plan for one that will help current and future customers like myself. Warm regards, Jeff
  6. Just a quick follow up. I got the problem solved. I reinstalled Direct X 9c again which I already had, and all is well. I did install a few different programs after I got this Bus Simulator, so maybe it somehow it corrupted or changed something. I am still having a frustrating time getting past campaign#6 as I just can't seem to locate the proper bus and driver to speak to in times Square. I went through it 5 times already only having to start over every time. I'll get it somehow. I also read somewhere in the forums that the campaigns end at chapter#9 with no further resolution and the end user being left in limbo?? That is a huge bummer. I do hope TML will write more campaigns so the saga can continue. That is the only feature that will keep users interested without getting bored with the sim. Just my two sense, but with all my years in sim entertainment and management, I think tML should really consider this if they want to have a future in the gaming industry. Thanks for trying to help me anyway. I thought this might help someone else that may have the same thing happen to them. Have a great day. Jeff
  7. Hi Shaun, I looked and already have 7.66 ...its definitely the latest version. To make 100% sure, I re downloaded it from apple and did a reinstall which gave me a repair option from the setup screen. After that, I launched Bus Sim and chapter 6 errors out when the first scene comes on in the TV set which is playing a simulated drama show which is part of the campaign . Quicktimempeg4.qtx is what it says in the message. I am stumped now. Like I said before when this first happened, I got past the TV scene. It did not crash until I was in the tow truck pulling out of the bus garage heading to time square. I hope there is a resolution for this weird issue i'm having. Any help is much appreciated. Best regards, Jeff
  8. Hi Folks, I am using the City Bus Sim New York 2010. I am up to campaign #6 but I keep getting an error that the sim must close. When I look at the Event Viewer Is mentions Quicktime Mpeg4 in the Error. The first time it happened I got into campaign #6 some ways before this happened. Now it crashes at the beginning and I can't get past that point. I haven't tried to go back to the others, but why all of a sudden is there a problem? I have not changed anything in my system whatsoever. Any suggestions? If anyone is knows the campaigns, I can explain exactly where it crashed the first time and also now. I am somewhat frustrated. I rebooted as well with no joy. My auto updates are turned off, so the system is 100% the same as it was before this issue started. Thanks in advance for any help.. I hope this can be posted here. the forums for bus sim seem to be mostly german, so I did not know where to turn other than here. Best regards, Jeff
  9. Here is the direct thread that will answer this question.... Hope it helps. Best regards, Jeff
  10. Check that you did not activate the scroll lock on the keyboard with the Trimble GPS. If you did, your keyboard will not respond like you want due to the fact it is inputting to the gps and not the sim. Best regards, Jeff
  11. Hey guys, I am confused. I just saw a announcment for a Dornier Do-27 from Digital Aviation. The Cheyenne was targeted for this week I thought?? Not that the Dornier isn't nice, but we have been waiting a long time for the Piper. Can anyone clear this up? Thanks. Best regards, Jeff
  12. Hey Marick, It will be download version at release. Quote from Hans over at Digital Aviation. "Yes, the download version will be released first. CD version will follow a bit later." Hope this helps. Best regards, Jeff
  13. Hans, Thank you so much for the info. I'm glad everything is doing well. As far as eating your words, well, I've done that many times before too. When my customers want a date of completion, I have missed. The fact that the plane is visible from the tarmac, is a great feeling in itself. I love your work, and look forward to the Cheyenne very much. Thanks again.
  14. Hey everyone, the one thing that frustrates me is I now feel like an idiot. Hans made an official announcment on his site, that I posted with excitment here saying the plane will be released in June. It looks like that is not the case, and I feel really stupid now for sharing that. That was May23rd. Not one single word since. I don't understand other than other forum members saying yeah, right...kind of a thing. It only takes 1 minute to update the consumer. Why is this being treated so hush hush? A post saying, "The gps had a few bugs in final beta and is being worked on." That's all. I know no one can guarantee an exact date, but I've said in the past, keeping everyone in the dark is just plain frustrating. Is this being done because of negative remarks by forum members in the past, and Hans is just so fed up or what? I respect Hans' work %1000, and would never put him in a corner, or treat him with any disrespect, but checking in every once in a while can't hurt. It only takes 60 seconds. I am sorry for posting, but after waiting another month, I just wanted to share my opinion. I mean no harm. Thanks for reading. Best regards, Jeff
  15. Giorgio, this is from the developers website posted May 23rd. All we can do is wait and hope. It's only the 19th. Subject: Cheyenne to be released in June Hi everybody. That's all we can say for now. As soon as we know more details, we will inform you. _________________ Bis dann / Best Regards Hans I hope this helped you. Best regards, Jeff
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